Submitted a bug to RHEL bugzilla, not sure if I'll get any response as a non-subscriber.

So systemd-nspawn and lxc are basically broken on CentOS / RHEL 8 due to a kernel breakage. I wonder why people at RH haven't backported a fix yet, it's literally just one line of code (a revert commit) -- but I don't think reporting bug to CentOS would do anything and I'm not a paid subscriber of RHEL.

Just did some calculation, it's nearly $80/mo by now adding everything together

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Well my webhosting costs have only been growing since the past few years..

Hey is there a SoundCloud alternative based on ActivtyPub?

This point is actually interesting. I've never realized that the principle that I often call "Occam's razor" can actually be better described with the term "overfitting" as used in statistics and machine learning. Basically, if a model has too many parameters, it can predict virtually anything -- and it stops being a useful model. That's what makes pseudoscience "pseudo".

社交媒体实在不是适合讨论复杂话题的地方。寥寥一两百字无法说明任何问题,只会因为缺乏解释的空间而沦为 / 引发扣帽子、谩骂和人身攻击。花点时间把想法和论点整理成稍微长篇一些的文章,哪怕观点再激进,或者奇特,或者招人反感,也比在社交媒体上吵架有意义得多。

To OSS project maintainers: for the sanity of your downstream packagers, please keep your versioning format consistent.

I think I can actually tell whether a Chinese character is written by a Japanese person or a Chinese person, even if they write the character in the same Japanese form. And as a native speaker of Chinese who has been learning Japanese, I feel that I could never actually write a character like a real Japanese -- something just always feels off, but I can't tell why.

I have never realized 'Ievan Polkka' has lost its original meaningful lyrics since Loituma covered the song (all versions since this version are literally gibberish)

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Still the problem with ARM is that they are all walled gardens. Maybe it will change if ARM people want to actually push for server market.

You know what, if someone manages to boot Linux on the new M1 macbooks they could be good development + build machines for me since I'm trying to build packages for mobian.

I have to say every university's official website is so confusing to navigate through.

A platform locked down from hardware to deny you every freedom as a user is somehow protecting your privacy. This is as much a joke as "Microsoft loves Linux".

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