> We are particularly worried about Intel's mitigation plan being PoC-oriented with a complete lack of security engineering and underlying root cause analysis, with minor variations in PoCs leading to new embargoes [...] leaving the public with a false sense of security.

:oh_no: :oh_no: :oh_no: :oh_no: :oh_no:

More Intel CPU vulnerabilities, RIDL-NG or RIDL-TAA. 🎉

This is not a brand new attack, but additional undisclosed vulnerabilities discovered by the original MDS attack researchers. Their embargo is now ended.

Attacks include exploits of TSX Asynchronous Abort, Alignment Faults, and flaws in the original MDS mitigation.



One thing we know about people who use #apple #goldemansachs card (or GS card with "Apple" logo on it for brand loyalty) is that no matter their gender, they aren't particularly bright. Easily swayed by brainwash, gullible, insecure...

记得 2010 年,方氏防火墙的技术细节还都是众所周知的,大多数技术层面的内容都能在公开的论文和专利中找到。甚至有几个技术网站专门分析、转载墙的最新技术动态和小道消息,连硬件平台是数百台曙光服务器都被推断出来了。有的文章甚至像当小说一样,当年我因此学到了许多网络知识。

到了 2013 年之后就不行了,自引入 VPN 握手的匹配机制开始,之后的实现细节都几乎变成黑盒了——无法解释的连接神秘阻断就是那时候开始的,甚至分不清是网络拥堵还是网络审查。与此同时,Shadowsocks 等十分无聊的对称加密代理工具崛起,它们并没有任何技术亮点,只是冰冷的对称加密全部流量。


而在 2014 年以后,我们就不再理解它了(虽然也并不是没有重要成果问世,例如 2015 年的 32C2 上对 GFW 探针的分析,以及 2017 年对 GFW 状态机的分析),只有偶尔的传言带来的群体歇斯底里。

不过我猜小道消息还存在,只不过现在都在 Telegram 群组上,圈外人看不见。而当年博客的长篇分析也退化了 IM 上的只言片语了。

I think Snowden can publish censored part of his book in zh_CN on Solidot and be perfectly fine :)

I've been wondering at least for 5 years how could a website like Solidot full of uncensored news survive in China mainland without being shut down

well I guess the problem of federation is that people do not federate with each other well :)

@Vamp898 @Miaourt No doubt any large mastodon instance struggles with this, probably mstdn.io and similar. Since even my tiny masto.quad.moe did.

It doesn't matter if only 1% of your users are bad, because they'll hunt out those users and scream 100x as loud about it and publicly shame you for doing nothing wrong, but for simply not agreeing with their political and moderation beliefs.
@Vamp898 @Miaourt The mastodon admin community is cancer as a whole, so anything that doesn't conform to being a safe space is constantly shot down for being full of nazis or edgelords.

No instance is perfect, but based on what I've seen, niu.moe is very far from a bad instance

Diffie & Hellman are truly the heroes ahead of the time. 43 years ago, 1976, at the DES review, they had a entertaining debate with NSA employees.

Martin Hellman said,

* 56/64-bit symmetric crypto is insecure, and chosen to benefit NSA.

* 100-200 bits of security should be secure, but is still vulnerable to attacks by quantum computers.

(Glover & Shor's algo were not discovered until the late 90s! We now know 128-bit is pre-quantum secure, 256-bit is post-quantum secure, Martin was completely correct.)

I don't understand why Pixel phones either come with extra large notches or tremendously large bezels. I'm pretty sure there exists something called thin-bezel notchless mobile phones, like what samsung did before they had circular cutouts (but that's still better than a extra / tremendously large bezel / notch)

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