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Cities Skylines挺好玩的, 游戏很多地方都做的很精细,内容也很丰富。

感谢 @PeterCxy 发布的折扣信息,让我成功剁手。🙃

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Anonymity is not a crime.

Just because some speech is anonymous, doesn't mean it's not valid. Nor does it mean that the speaker doesn't have rights.

In fact, anonymity is the act of asserting one's rights in the real or perceived absence of protection.

Anonymity is about protecting one's self against threats, bad actors, and, well, nut balls. Because, well, people are crazy and/or sick and will hurt or kill you because you speak your mind.

Anonymity is not a crime.





To be fair, while WPA2 being broken a bit does quite distract from the fact that after your router there is a rather hostile place called the internet where every spook and big corp of this planet is rather interested in your traffic.

Industry strength mitm proxies and DPI equipment kinda make the 'hacker in your home network' look like lil' bobby tables from next door who accidentally ran a little script he found on pastebin.

Even if there's no WPA2 flaw and you patched everything: use E2E!

@wzhd @PeterCxy @niconiconi 这下在 OStatus 上也有 A2 盖奶喝了!御坂御坂开心地说道。 @artoria2e5

无论技术上可不可行,我觉得和设计初衷、和字面意思、和直觉相违背的 geek 用法都是以可读性 /可维护性为代价的奇技淫巧。


在学校里面,居然看到了 Pusheen 的海报欸!在老师的办公室窗户上贴着,好棒。 mastodon.xyz/media/GWQ3llFCSyf

似乎有安全审计公司对 Shadowsocks 进行了审计,感觉是个好事情 github.com/shadowsocks/shadows

所以新浪微博那老总还整天瞎扯,说不是新浪在删贴搞审查 —— 上头搞审查把自己中央气象台的微博都删了? sn.angry.im/media/vQTUumf0-jXa