Ok so I got a new USB bluetooth dongle for my Raspberry Pi and it turns out to have the same MAC address with another dongle from another company I bought about half a year ago. Please at least randomize your frickin MAC addresses if you do not want to pay for addresses...

Wrote a device tree overlay for GamePi43 that replaces the userspace "retrogame" daemon. This seems to improve the latency by quite a bit. gist.github.com/PeterCxy/68bb5

In case any of you haven't noticed yet: I have set up a Weblate interface for translation contributions to Shelter. Hopefully this will be much easier for translators to use compared to sending translated XML files over email / pull requests weblate.typeblog.net/projects/

Every time I see a post about how Mastodon did not meet the author's expectation of a non-toxic social media, I am tempted to send this to them but then I realize it makes no sense if someone already leaves. I think Mastodon people should instead stop selling Mastodon as a single entity or a "less toxic" place because that is not an expectation Mastodon will ever be able to fully meet.

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Mastodon isn't and has never been "a less toxic social media platform than Twitter". Touting it as one or even just having such a notion of it being one is inherently fallacious, because toxicity is not linked to platforms; it is linked to people. Because Mastodon is not a single entity, absolutely no control can be exerted beyond the instance one owns / one is on, so as the user base grows, the toxicity will only increase in a rate faster than Twitter does. That is not something preventable unless Mastodon goes full proprietary and walled-garden.

My dream mobile phone:

1) Plastic- or metal-back with matt finish
2) Flat front display
3) Thin bezels without a notch or punch hole; if not possible just get rid of front camera
4) < 160g
5) Proper colors without oversaturated nonsense
6) Easily unlockable bootloader without fuse nonsense

For now Pixel 4a matches some of these but still, I'd really want one that matches all of them

騒がしい日々に笑えなくなていた🎵 君は優しく終わりへと誘う🎵

騒がしい日々に笑えない君に🎵 思い付く限り眩しい明日を🎵

I don't know why but the Shelter 1.5.1 update still hasn't been pushed by Google Play yet although I have uploaded it more than 12 hours ago.

Shelter 1.5.1 has just been uploaded to Google Play and Coolapk. As usual, users of the F-Droid version may have to wait for up to one to two weeks before it fetches and builds the updated version.

I will probably not do this again for another year or two, as now my default post visibility is follower-only and the account has been locked.

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For those wondering: historic toots in this account have all been deleted up to around 26th July 2020.

This is pretty funny. Looks like the reason this offbrand MTK phone supports 48MP on custom ROMs is that it uses the 48MP camera modules from Samsung, while all the other branded phones with 48MP cameras that do not support 48MP on custom ROMs are using camera modules from Sony.

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