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I'm not blaming Switter, but it is always true that you can't rely on a company in country X to act against the Big Brother in country X

Mystery of today:

1. Java code ran into an issue that should never happen, and it happened only once without a reason. Even with a infinite loop with hours of repeating it still will not happen any more.
2. DNS resolution of bucket.angry.im randomly goes wrong without me doing anything to it. Happend thrice today and have no idea about this.

Is there any Supernova explosion happening recently causing memory errors?

Conclusion: I should have followed the ancient Chinese saying that miracle occurs with violent operations.


You asked for it: github.com/halcy/Mastodon-LaTe Here's a mastodon LaTeX client! Screenshots of example output attached!

Have anybody here encountered avatar problems in federation i.e. avatars are mutually invisible between some arbitrary two Mastodon instances but not with others?

@ghost 我在 Sidekiq 里看见我到你那边的一些任务会失败,然而原因竟然是到一个叫 social.coop 的域名有问题(SSL验证失败),你要不也看一眼你的 Sidekiq 里的失败任务?


Matrix developers have confirmed that a secure chat app developed by French government will be based on the Riot client.


有时候会异想天开甩几万把良心个人软件给承包下来然后开源 🤣 然而并没有这个资本

GitHub 居然还可以申请释放不活跃的用户名,让正常用户可以重新注册 ...

然后就把旧的用户名转成了 Org ,旧的仓库 transfer 过去,开始新生活了 😂

现在 github.com/rocka 也是我了!赞 😆

bucket.angry.im is another server anyway :)

> everything you do is political

the fact that your ipad you're using was made with conflict minerals is a bigger political deal than alpha software not having moderation controls yet. 

However, for now the image content at bucket.angry.im is still behind Cloudflare. I might also remove this in the future.

@lain "pleroma isn't THAT opinionated of a software"
Then how do you explain this warning I just got when I tried to post?