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果然还是更喜欢 Material 风格的主题。。透明主题用了一天有点受不了了


Sorry I am really laughing my *** off when Amazon JP is now blocked and some people have always been saying that as long as you don't put anything bad about China on your website you will be fine.

Amazon JP is now blocked in mainland China.

The only missing feature in KDE, for me, is that I cannot "memorize" the scale factor for each monitor I use, i.e. although I always use only one monitor at a time, they have different scale factors and I would like to switch between them seamlessly without opening the configuration dialog every time. I now wrote a script to handle this by changing the KDE configuration files in .xinitrc by detecting connected monitors, but it would be nice if this can be a built-in feature.

KDE even works as fluent on my Atom device as on my i7 device

Now switched to KDE and planning to completely remove GNOME

javascript, the language where you have to do a web search whenever you want to write a for loop because there's already like fifty ways to write a for loop and you're pretty sure they've probably added a new one since you looked last

Why on Earth is GNOME so laggy??? What beast hardware do the developers use simply to render a GUI????

"I'm not a programmer, I'm not a designer, I'm not good with computers at all, every time I use something, I break it"

That's actually a very useful skill, because we want people to break software in testing!

Want to contribute to Fedora? Here is how to help testing packages:


#linux #Fedora #fedoraMagazine

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tws-rust 0.2.0 has released! A simple naive TCP-over-Websocket implementation by me, and now also supports UDP 😂 git.angry.im/PeterCxy/tws-rust