I have merged all Pixel 4a related code into LineageOS 18.1 and added it to the initial batch of LineageOS 18.1 devices. You can expect LineageOS 18.1 to come with Pixel 4a support once it ships.

Alacritty does feel faster in terms of input latency compared to Konsole

After the migration process is finished, I may get rid of the reverse proxy with auto fallback and use the SeaweedFS S3 gateway URL directly.

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Here's what's happening: I am currently migrating the media storage of this instance from Wasabi to a self-hosted SeaweedFS cluster. The media URLs have been configured to fall back automatically so you should not notice anything broken during the migration process.

I thought S3 implementations should not have a separate concept of "directories" and should not keep them when all objects are deleted?

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Why are there a bunch of empty directories in my Wasabi bucket when Mastodon has deleted all files under the directory


I can't use a TLC SSD. I will kill them in like a year.

Part of it is definitely due to better driver tuning to avoid jitters, but I'm pretty sure the animations themselves are quite different too. Trying to find out which configuration options correspond to those.

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Even AOSP-based ROMs feel way better on Pixels than on other devices

A drawback of having a computer that only consumes <65W on full load is that I can't use it for heating anymore.

A day of work as a LineageOS device maintainer: run `make -j` and then play Minecraft.

After Persistent L2ARC is introduced in OpenZFS, it seems that my L2ARC hit rate is the highest after a reboot (over 80%), and then it steadily decreases to around 30% - 50%. On the other hand, ARC hit rate is constantly really high (nearly 90%), much higher than before.

I like the idea of electric cars but when can they stop doing all of the "smart" bs? A car is a car and it doesn't need to be running Android or anything, and I would definitely not want another subscription just to unlock a feature I already paid for.

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