This is a reminder that "Mastodon is Dead in the Water" post is over 1.5 year old now and both Mastodon and the Fediverse are going strong:

I like the irony of sharing this link here.

@PeterCxy The future of computing - a networked screen which you have to connect to megacorp's servers.

And you buy a 144Hz "gaming" monitor and then destroy the whole point of it by using laggy remote services???

I just don't understand why would anyone invest in "cloud" gaming. If you are gonna need a datacenter wherever the players live to ensure even basic playable latency, what's the point of it then? Isn't it just dumb when everyone can just buy their own gaming hardware?


And Chinese people will keep using Baidu even with better choices. That's not something Google's coming back or not would do any change to at all.

I don't think Google's dropping Dragonfly or not would change anything though. Google has not been for a long time the Google that many people think of that doesn't do evil anyway.

Mastodon 刚刚新版修复的那个问题 ( ) 就是我一直很担心的,现在逐渐流行在自己的应用里面直接调用某个第三方提供的服务或者内容,但多年发故障的经验告诉我,任何自己无法掌控的依赖都必须要有降级机制,否则过多地引入外部资源只会增加自己的稳定性风险

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue.
Oops there's something wrong,
with your Windows.

The lecturer of our Software Engineering course skipped the chapter about open-source development because she knew nothing about it.

Wrote a small web page using modern frontend toolchain and got a ~200K compiled JS bundle. Just a little smaller than a Rust-compiled asm.js output

Looked to get an Vega 56 and realized that AMD hasn't got a CUDA counterpart yet.

"This Linux virus is a total jerk, even by malware standards" - another misleading item about already-compromised #gnu #linux boxes, being compared to #windows with back doors by design

Black Friday deals on ALL KDE SOFTWARE! 100% OFF! (also tomorrow, and the day after that, and the next day, and the next one after that too, and ...)

News flash: After an evening of hacking, our free and open source Disqus clone now supports OAuth sign-in via 🐘 Mastodon!

(so if you want to put a comment form on your static blog/website and want to allow your users to sign in via Mastodon, this might be for you)

Learnt a new word, GPDM, for General Public Deception and Manipulation

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