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好想哭,有没有温柔的肩膀能让我依靠 😣

One thing I am sure about is that the gaming industry, including gamers themselves, seldom care about anything regarding privacy and security. People are always happily putting / receiving kernel hooks from games to the OS to ensure "anti-cheating", while those "anti-cheating" engines may as well upload their files to some remote server happily just to check if they have modified a few freaking numbers in the freaking game.

Now here comes "cloud" gaming. Ironically, considering the above situation, this can even be a good thing because at least now you don't have kernel hooks from every freaking game developer that know nothing about security.

当年重度使用到几乎成为生活一部分的Google reader说关就关了。

New York Times:
the Guardian:


原来「故意放出某个关于还不存在的事物的传言或消息(如产品、政策等),来试探、掌握口风、商机、舆论的情况」在英文里是有名字的——美国英语里叫「放探空气球」(to send up a trial balloon),英国英语里叫「放风筝」(kite-flying)。这两个词在 1930 年前后就已经存在了,而将这种试探性的消息比喻为「风筝」早在 1885 年就可见于英国政坛。看来中、英文的说法都和「风」有关系。

此外还有一句幽默的同义谚语「先挂旗杆上,再看看有没有敬礼」(Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it),最初形容的是麦迪逊大道上各广告公司的惯用做法,电影《十二怒汉》中有引用。

I'm afraid my Surface Type Cover is going to break soon. I just can't help pressing the buttons really hard.

Is there a word to “coffee” as “sober” is to “wine”?

You join firefighters because you want to rescue people and pets.
You become a medic or a vet to save lives.
The military? You join it just to kill people. Because that's all rifles and missiles can do...

我不仅不听rap我对整个hip hop文化都完全一窍不通

If we want to push free software to more people, let's push it to the point where it feels like a life style product to other people.

Using free software is fancy and cool (at least to me). Let's find a way to make sure people outside of the free software world understand that 🙂

No longer being that person with the strange UI, but this one person that runs all those fancy tools!

#freeSoftware #lifeStyle #Linux


21世纪不欢迎理想主义者 不欢迎革命者 那种能被明确指向的权力机构早已就不存在了 权力体系插入了细枝末节 我们破碎成了不能被叫是社会的东西 人人都疯掉了 如果我有信仰我觉得求求那个比一切都更大的东西救救我们 可我没有 我只是自己都快觉得自己不再存在着了

I demand a worldwide pneumatic delivery system, connected to my desk. And bed. Mostly the bed.

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