Apparently most of the database queries of Matrix's Synapse results in a sequential scan instead of index scan, and that's why it depends so heavily on the I/O performance of the database server

Well, I mean, a lot of open-source projects are sponsored by a bunch of casinos, like Android x86

I don't understand how my sister doesn't have low-battery-level anxiety for her electronic devices. She uses everything until the battery dies before charging. For me? I can't stand any of my devices below 80% full.

Our university uses Office365 and it's an absolute nightmare to set up on Linux

Why does TypeScript have to differentiate between type-only and type-and-value imports? It just feels unnecessary and annoying.

What if the thing really is Turing complete in some weird way like being able to encode a program in the initial seed number?

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Installed and configured Prometheus and Grafana. Feeling like a real sysadmin now.

All the crap is not currently in use but I can't just throw them away because I know I will need them some time.

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and I have so many electronics that I'm worrying customs will have issues with me :(

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I'm about to move to Canada but I have so much crap here all over my desk that I can barely get them to fit in a suitcase.

How do I play the original NES Legend of Zelda I'm so lost walking around

Um, so, I decided to start making yet another Mastodon web client, but I haven't finished designing the home page after 2 days of work. Maybe I should not try to design anything myself :blobsob:

...though I'm more into smaller form factor devices these days, and, well, those probably really cannot be very modular.

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My parents: married when 26
Me: 24 and still haven't really dated anybody

RPi Zero can run PSX games but can barely run Sega Genesis games on genesis-plus-gx???

You don't need RTX or any fancy graphics to make a great game. Retro games are the best proof.

Maybe we should fork the score sharing service too.

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