If Gitea federation gets merged and stablized I can delete my GitHub account entirely

Hmm I'm kind of tempted to set up a Misskey instance alongside my long-running Mastodon instance

Trying to get rid of Apache Commons in my Java project...

Rogers still dead, but their cell towers seem to be back up and running right now. Roaming data plans that do not exit through Rogers' own backbone network seem to be working fine right now -- but Rogers' own cell plans and home internet are still down for me.

The creepiest thing is that there genuinely are parents who think that the Internet is so dangerous that they have to prevent their kids from having their own accounts, digital devices, or anything modern at all, and they have to monitor everything about their online activity (even though "kids" here are already way into their teenager years). And of course they think that their behavior should be something everyone should also do for them.

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Stop screaming "but think about the children" every time a privacy / censorship issue comes up. Seriously. Just stop.

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