Why the hell do we need a Turing-complete language just to describe hardware devices? And why is this thing so frickin hard to understand...

Tried to fix GPD P2 Max's screwed ACPI table but failed. Is there a complete documentation of ACPI syntax and methods provided by implementors?

Got my new mini PC GPD P2 Max. Linux pretty much runs out of the box because they use standard stuff everywhere now. Only two issues: 1) memory was terribly fucked upon arrival. coredumps and kernel memory corruption everywhere. Fixed by a BIOS update provided by customer service. 2) The goodix touchscreen does not work seemingly due to ACPI implementation problem.

At the end of the day Google is becoming so dominant on the web that they practically *are* the web, so you either use Google products or you avoid touching a computer. I can't quit Google entirely (Chrome DevTools, GMaps, YouTube are the big ones for me).

How do you deal with something that builds amazing products but also does it in kind of a sleazy way? And maybe is becoming way too powerful? I suppose you become a tech vegan sneaking occasional bites of cheese pizza. nolanlawson.com/2019/05/31/tec

So there are still people literally believing that plugging a USB 1.1 device into a USB 3.0 hub makes the whole hub fall back to USB 1.1

I have now become a LineageOS device maintainer for OnePlus 7 Pro


we have 23 instances at the fediverse which run on microsoft servers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


>>> No.20

Somebody tipped me $20 for this month probably for Shelter. I should probably start to work on porting this crap to Android Q before Q really releases.

有趣,天朝官媒要在 Twitter 发布推广内容的情况(我觉得应该不是水军,是付费广告)居然都能在政府官网的招标信息中查到。


这种信息属于公开来源情报(OSINT, open source intelligence,和开源软件的「开源」无关)。



The joy of actually trying to work on some electronics is that I actually make use of all those things I have only learnt from textbooks and videos but have not actually seen or tried myself.

I'm actually thinking of blowing up several small capacitors to see if it really works in the ElectroBOOM way.

I thought I would blow up the USB hub due to my 5V signal on D+/D- but apparently it didn't. Still waiting for my zener diodes to come.

[京アニ放火事件1か月 献花と祈り絶えず]

My undervolted CPU throws out some segmentation faults from time to time and it's always right after when I thought it is stable enough...

"A motor based on YouTube comments, that’s close to a perpetual motion machine."

"More like a perpetual money maker."

"What is nearly as good. :-) With money you can buy fuel (or PV panels and batteries)."

"But Big Advertisers don’t want the truth to get out there, to force you to keep watching."



@alexa I've said that a lot of times but it's wasting your time. First of all, this people doesn't care. The joy of being an instance admin and "punishing" people that disagrees with you like a cybernetic dictator feels too good for these kids. Second, nobody is going to second it. They are a majority.

This people are rejected people who comes from Twitter after having issues there, so having so much ""power"" must feel good for them.

It's a waste of time.
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