Can we solve the problem of too few presents, or worse with #blockchain?

49% of workers, forced to change passwords, reuse same one with minor change


"In just over 6,500 words, Time Magazine  makes the case for #GretaThunberg being 2019’s Person of the Year. For much of the left, this confirms that she is a corporate tool"

Look what they did to #assange TWICE!

所有说我不好的都是仇恨,所有说你不好的都是事实 -- 中国网民

买了个正常的麦克风架,准备成为 バーチャル・ユーツーバー (不是

@jess 在街上等红灯,身旁路人老爷爷突然扭头问我们:What does Christmas have to do with a cat in the desert?


老爷爷:They both have sandy claws! :0461:


加拿大的冬天仿佛变得更冷了一点…… :0090:




:blobcatthink: 反正对于谈恋爱这事,俺体会出的经验是这样的
1. 倘若对方逐渐显露出对你的控制欲(比如软磨硬泡地强迫你改变一些小事的想法和行为),麻溜的赶紧跑,这他娘的是人格不健全,不是什么爱你的表现,不要想多了
2. 如果你在一段感情之中有一种卑微感,那也麻溜的赶紧跑,一个正常的、良性的感情不会是这个样子
3. 倘若已经很失望却又有舍不得的感情,那不是爱情而只是习惯作祟,没什么大不了的,该断则断,否则只是无谓的折磨而已,人生没有那么多时间给你折磨自己

至于怎么体会出来的就不提了 :night:

Apparently, the dynamic voltage scaling instructions in modern CPUs, enables software-only power analysis attack that extracts crypto keys from Intel SGX without even touching the Vcc rail on the motherboard...

When integrated power saving becomes integrated power analysis tools....

For those who always yell that DoH is implemented on an application level, not on a system level:

On Linux regular DNS is also implemented on application level, the applications just happen to use all libc for that.

#DoH #DNS #controversial

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