@PeterCxy Why? Debugging Python is way easier in my experience…

@ewings I'm just triggered by the inconsistent naming scheme even in its standard library. Plus some grammar that seem really hacky to me.

@PeterCxy Well…IMO Python is never meant to be a language with "strict" convention like C++ or Java. It can be an advantage or a problem depending on your needs. For me its conveniences and freedom makes it a great tool for quick scripting/research projects.

@PeterCxy @ewings Grammar? You must mean syntax... BTW, the naming consistency issue in the stdlib is historical, most of these libraries were written at the early time, some were even before the PEP 8 coding standard was enforced. Python 3 broke the compatibility and the partially reason was just fixing that, lots of things were renamed for the good (such as changing Queue.Queue to queue.Queue), some remained, but mostly okay.

The real bad thing was when you need to use some library bindings.

@niconiconi That's exactly what I did yesterday. Then I screwed it and just re-wrote it in C instead. No binding needed. Problem solved.

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