Frankly, I'm not much afraid of revealing my real identity online, but the right of choosing to do so or not, and the ability to disassociate a particular online identity with the real one, are where the whole "anonymity is privacy and free speech" stuff came from. It's completely not as Linus said "confuse privacy with anonymity", it's simply because you don't get real privacy without the right to be anonymous. Yes, anonymity enables a lot of assholes to post shit without taking responsibility, but that's what freedom costs. Freedom is never free, and you have to decide whether you choose to give up freedom to eliminate those people you don't like, or to take freedom and bare with the fact that now those people are also free. It's just how human is, you cannot be both free yourself and free from those "assholes". It simply won't work.

Well, I really hope Linus Torvalds didn't really call for a Chinese-style internet.

@PeterCxy Then it's 2019, and, too few really understand your opinion about freedom and others ?

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