Microsoft insisted that EdgeHTML was much better than Chromium years ago, but now it uses Chromium for Edge.

Microsoft insisted that a syscall translation layer was much more efficient than running a VM, but now it has decided to ship a normal Linux kernel inside a "lightweight" VM.

It sounds to me just as if Microsoft is about to fire a huge bunch of actually competent core developers and keep only UI designers, UI coders and their lawyers. It's not about how Microsoft loves open-source, it's more likely just that they want to cut down the cost on these developers so that they don't need to pay as much people to keep their product running. They would like to take things free from the FOSS community.

Let's see how things would go for them.

Well, canning their QA team 6 years ago has worked out well Just look at their oh so awesome updates, especially their biyearly Feature Updates

@deFrisselle :doge: :doge: :doge: I'm now wondering when will they fire the Windows NT dev team

@PeterCxy @deFrisselle
AFAIK they've done that already, now each part of the NT kernel is maitained by the team that cares the most, eg. IO subsystem is maintained by Azure.

Or so I've heard.

@Wolf480pl @PeterCxy
Caring the most isn't QA The Insiders Program is a bad substitute

@deFrisselle @PeterCxy
Yeah what I'm saying is, they're already fired the NT team, now they're doomed.

As soon as they complete the Linux conversion

@PeterCxy sometimes it feels the developers want it this way; they never wanted Microsoft's own stack, they always used free software. all this is, is the culturally defeated microsoft realizing this on the inside

@PeterCxy they fired a huge bunch of beta testers when they opened this Windows Insider program for using customers as Beta testers for free!!

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