It is really not a good idea at all to advocate the use of Linux and/or other FOSS operating systems, especially among governmental organizations, based on the potential to "save money". FOSS isn't free as in 'free beer', and investments should be made into them to keep their development going. Using FOSS isn't about saving money at all. It's about redirecting those money that went to those vendors of proprietary and harmful software to what is really beneficial to the entire society.

@PeterCxy FOSS isn't really even about money or investments. It's just about the ability to share software.

@PeterCxy yeah it truly is an illusion that FOSS saves you a lot of money. Ultimately that money just goes towards other things, such as training, knowledge and development. In our case it would have been much cheaper to go with proprietary closed source software.

@Gina @PeterCxy To be honest, most, if not all Chinese computer users would like to buy a new PC, but comes with pirated software. Also, for strange reasons (which is what I want to know), most don't want to pay for software.

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