LMFAO some random ISP association has accused Mozilla of its being "internet villain"

BTW, when will people finally realize that censorship in the name of "parent control" is utterly bullshit? We've all grown up from being kids and we all know how that is -- you need to EDUCATE your children, not CONTROL what they can see. And also, this is the responsibility of PARENTs, not GOVERNMENTs, and definitely not pesky companies out there seeking money from customers' privacy.

@PeterCxy I agree it's up to the parents. But I agree parents should censor some stuff for young children.

@jordan31 That's up to how parents deem necessary for the age / education level of their own kids. But I think all these should be really really temporary because they will grow out of the parents' control anyway, and having been educated about a way to handle these previously censored stuff is much much better than being suddenly exposed to them and having zero ideas. Some parents think people just grow up and automatically get to know everything, which is what I am against for.

@jordan31 @PeterCxy it's about developing the foundation before exposing children to more exciting (or gross) stuff. Say, when they can recognise the reality of civilization, the harm of showing some PG stuff becomes acceptable. It's not like no child can handle things beyond their age, and it's probably not THAT a big deal if a prematured one sees something that one's peers can't handle. the point is getting all of them ready, rather than a mere limit

@ghost @PeterCxy This all depends on the content you are referring to.

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