I might not be able to talk normally to some people due to huge difference in political views, but I always try to remind myself that most people, regardless of how they view stuff, are just normal people that want to live a normal life. Political views are just a small part of them, and not everyone can think rationally or even care that much about politics at all. They might have just picked up some ideas from some random media or even just from their governments. Even if I blocked them or had a bad time getting along with them, I still try to believe that we're not so much different. There are not so many people that are actually "bad guys".

Normal people just do not have much choice for a lot of problems. Some just decided that since there's little choice, let's just screw it and go with whatever seems popular around them because that's what's expected for them. It's like during a war -- choose one side or the other if you want to live. There's no choice C because being C means you will be killed by both A and B.

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