And it's not only "cult of apple". I am legitimately wondering why are there so many people online these days that are religiously loyal to one or two company. Like I don't really understand it at all. They are not all paid by the company or something, so what's the motivation?

just recently someone found out that some chinese companies including Tencent and Alibaba install privileged plugins to users' browsers via enterprise features. Then there comes immediately people "defending" them by saying "oh it's for your f**king security, cuz otherwise your password will be stolen". I feel legitimately pissed off. Just why? Is it so hard to do a simple search oh what you are talking about before blindly saying something loyal to whatever the fuck the company is? How much do they pay you to have you give up your own privacy and say such utterly bullshit? What good can you get by defending companies by making totally nonsense arguments?

@PeterCxy i think people believe they have to be loyal to something, for no discernable reason. so they choose brand names. before internet megacorporations, there were hoards of people who wore all Nike shit everywhere, looking like a bunch of brand clones.

@lyliawisteria @PeterCxy Purple Smoke I totally agree: as social animals being part of a group is rooted in our brains and a basic need. Showing the colors of the tribe is how you both prove to others this affiliation, and (in case of brands) is basically the only action required to join. How convenient.

@PeterCxy I think it's a problem of logic: we first assume commercials are evil, while they first assume other people are wrong.

@outvi I do not assume anyone to be evil. These companies only become evil because their own moves. I think the disagreement is what counts as a "dick move". Honestly, for me myself I don't expect everyone to hold enough knowledge to understand what's behind their tactics, especially these technical ones

@PeterCxy I'm not sure if the companies "manage" users' browsers really for their users' good, for not seeing their clear official explanation. Judging from the previous performance of the companies, I can only assume" their bad faith.

@PeterCxy The same reason people are loyal to countries despite those countries screwing them over: propaganda works.

@sandrockcstm it's as if nowadays every company is like a mini government or something 🙃

@sandrockcstm and that might just be true. Companies nowadays grow so big that they can basically do whatever they want within their own walled garden. They are just mini governments in their own lands :)

@PeterCxy There's definitely a clock to this. If the US doesn't break up the silicon valley monopolies they'll lose legitimacy and the tech companies will become de facto governments.

All bets are off after that.

@PeterCxy Every day we inch closer to the reality portrayed in the Shadowrunner universe.

@PeterCxy it's no different from any fandom cult, just a thing you like that happened to be liked by other ppl that welcomed you into their in-crowd. and of course any attacks against the idol (in this case, the brand) is a personal attack against your character for liking the brand, which further drives the us-vs-them mentality.

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