@PeterCxy If you iron temperature can barely heat up leaded solder, using lead-free is putting yourself in troubles. You need a 400-degree soldering iron (with functional temperature control and thermal recovery, not just a random iron with a LED on it) to do anything lead-free (although the maximum temperature you'd normally use is less than 380).

@niconiconi it heats up leader solder totally fine. My problem was I didn't dare to heat up my board for more than like half a second.

@PeterCxy You can never solder anything in half-a-second. Even with good timing, 3-5 secs is the norm. If you can't use a higher temperature, lead-free doubles the time.

You can purchase 10 of those cheap electronics projects online, such as those disposable 555 LED blinker (just search "solder practice boards"), and experiment with them without worrying about damaging your board.

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