I absolutely HATE YouTube when it decides to translate every video title to my chosen interface language. It's just hilarious when you actually CAN understand the language the video is in, and all that auto translation does is to make it harder to understand


Like, I can perfectly comfortably read 秒針を噛む in a second, but the stupid YouTube decides it should be Byoushinwokamu, which is easier to understand to nothing.

@PeterCxy It shows Chinese translation titles for English videos too 😠

It's like they are doing what they have done to Google Play.

@PeterCxy And the new webp animation is annoying too. I hate moving objects when I'm not watching it. Want to expand a shortened title by hovering your mouse on it? Look at me! Here's some moving stuff!!

@lilydjwg I hope some time in the future we can have not only i18n, but also polyglot-friendly software :)

YouTube的标题翻译应该是人工翻译的 这个看起来也不太像是机翻


And there is no way you can turn this off......

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