I've been wondering at least for 5 years how could a website like Solidot full of uncensored news survive in China mainland without being shut down

@PeterCxy With help of eastern mystery power ? 😅😂

@PeterCxy I have several guesses on its publication of uncensored news articles.

1. Solidot is controlled by CBS Interactive, a subsidy of CBS Corp - a major U.S. media, they also control CNET. Perhaps powerful people in the U.S. in backing its operation?

2. It has limited readership so low that it wasn't a concern by the authorities at all?

3. The authorities decided to allow it deliberately as "controlled opposition"?


I left Solidot because of the last possibility...

@niconiconi @PeterCxy 我个人觉得cnet中国其实已经是事实独立于CBS外的了
ps 中关村在线 pchome也是cnet的

@parisio @PeterCxy 一个集团控制多家大型科技媒体,本来是件很晚期资本主义、很赛博朋克的现象。结果来到天朝,居然就变成了裙带资本主义…… :doge:

@parisio @PeterCxy 刚说到中关村在线,今天中午中关村在线的微博账号就炸了,变成了中关村离线,不过后来又恢复了。 :doge:

@niconiconi @PeterCxy

小编少到住院就停更, 你们仍信是后台?

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