I HATE stupid large mobile phones. I want a SMALL phone.

cuz I have Qin 2 Pro now but that's not a proper device in the sense that its manufacturer doesn't really know how to develop a phone. No regular software security updates, no encryption by default, and no CTS certification. Even the bootloader is bugged and crippled (though that might be a good thing, because i can actually unlock the goddamn device and flash a custom ROM that is thousands of times better than what they have to offer)

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@PeterCxy I still have an iPhone 5... upgrading to an XR when I have to because it's smaller than the rest; I wish they still had one the size of an iPhone 4 or 5.

@jelutz77 all i could find now is non-proper phones with bad hardware and software. Bad software is not end of the world for me because i'm android ROM developer and i can deal with them, but it would be nice to have a better-made, actually supported alternative, at least with modern middle-to-high-end hardware.

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