Am I the only one who gets anxious and jumpy when caving in Minecraft

I mean I know it's just a game but some hostile mobs really scare the shit out of me

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I bought Minecraft back in 2015 and I still cannot play anything harder than easy mode without being anxious af

@PeterCxy 我至今只会挖矿,不会探洞不会红石不会刷下届更没见过末影龙长啥样(

@AstroProfundis 时隔三年第一次重新玩生存模式然后鼓起勇气进洞结果被一大群苦力怕炸飞(再也不在非和平模式碰山洞了🌚)

@AstroProfundis 然后因为鼠标是轨迹球,看见怪物都操作不够快,回去捡东西都来不及重新装备(结论:不要用轨迹球打游戏

@ghost @PeterCxy 我还会在通向洞窟的矿道口放一块石头堵起来(

@AstroProfundis @PeterCxy 去玩服务器嘛,人多产生规模效应,简单很多

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