Pinned post: This is my personal account on Mastodon, while also the admin account of the instance SN.Angry.Im.

Content here may be in multiple languages that you may or may not understand. I mainly post in English, Chinese, and Japanese, since those are the three that I am fairly fluent in. I make absolutely no effort to split my posts into different language categories for convenience of my followers. Filter your timeline however you like, but I will post however I like. Posts in any language are my words and my opinions. I post in whatever language I feel like at the time of writing the post.

This account is mainly concerned with my life and technical aspects. Sometimes I do post political content. Before interpreting any of my words, please be kindly informed that I take no stance on any sort of binary (discrete) political coordinate. Neither do I endorse any purely one-dimensional political spectrum. Disagreement and different perspective are welcomed, but any insult during any discussion would be interpreted as offensive and may result in you being blocked from my personal account or even the entire instance if you carry on such behavior to any other user account on this server.

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