You know what, if someone manages to boot Linux on the new M1 macbooks they could be good development + build machines for me since I'm trying to build packages for mobian.

@PeterCxy I plan on building Linux stuff with GitLab+Docker on it, as soon as the Docker folks release the official support for it. (the dev hardware was missing virtualization)

@feld I want no macOS stuff. If it's going to be a Linux dev machine then it has to boot Linux itself otherwise I'll just wait until someone ports Linux because I suck at porting stuff to new platforms.

@PeterCxy I doubt anyone is going to get Linux booting on it, honestly. Not for a long time. Will require too many unique drivers.

@feld hopefully people will manage to do that in a few years or some other ARM silicon company will decide to compete with Apple by that time. Better than having nothing at all in the ARM world.

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