I still grumble a lot about how Discord tried to redefine the word "server" and now there are a whole group of people who can't even understand what "server" even means.

@PeterCxy It was supposed to be called a "guild" way back when but that didnt catch on because that's dorky as fuck and it was hardly ever implied to be called that
@PeterCxy petition to rename it to channels and rooms instead of servers and channels
@duponin @PeterCxy I think that's a holdover from teamspeak but don't quote me on that
@Jessica @duponin @PeterCxy TeamSpeak never said guilds, only servers, I think that's a hold over when Discord tried to aim gamers primarily.
@Craftplacer @PeterCxy @duponin I was on discord since near the beginning, maybe it was a term that carried over since the beginning like how MacOS sometimes says NS or NX because it was built on top of NextStep
@Jessica @PeterCxy @duponin the term channel got carried over from IRC partially too, idk how TS3 called them, probably the same.

In the end Discord combined the gaming aspect of TS and the direct communication aspect of Skype.
@Jessica @Craftplacer @PeterCxy early discord user too (when light theme was the default one and no touhou game detection!)
Guilde is only used internally to Discord, publicly it's server
@duponin @Jessica @PeterCxy I already forgot how discord even felt like, how many features were missing, video chat was still one of the big things that everyone requested.

Settings still took up a little popup in the middle.
@Jessica @PeterCxy @duponin I still haven't got banned for anything lol, I don't mess with faggots.
@Craftplacer @PeterCxy @duponin I didn't get banned i lost my phone with my 2fa codes because google auth doesn't allow backups of your codes
@Jessica @PeterCxy @duponin I wouldn't even trust or want Authy anymore.

The fact that Twitch uses it doesn't make it better.
@Craftplacer @PeterCxy @duponin that's not the one i use, Aegis is open source via f-droid
@Jessica @PeterCxy @duponin Not hard to pull off, you alraedy have Pleroma themes that do that
@Jessica @PeterCxy @duponin it's basically the same CSS shenanigans, nothing special.

You just have to sit long enough at your computer figuring out the right CSS rules and the properties
@duponin @Jessica @PeterCxy noice, I only knew Discord from a YouTuber around that time. I was probably the first or many in my circles to adopt it.
@Craftplacer @duponin @PeterCxy I found out about discord from someone on soundclown and they took me to their server because i was talking to them over twitter dms lol
still on that server today
@Jessica @PeterCxy @duponin I still remember when my bot was written in Visual Basic. Nice times.

@Craftplacer @Jessica @PeterCxy went on Discord because a friend find it out of blue and we were annoyed AF about Skype

I remember to talk about it to friends who were “meh” now everybody must to have Discord if they don’t want to be socially excluded (at least in the normie world)

@Craftplacer @duponin @PeterCxy someone made a theme that made discord look like the old one
@duponin @Craftplacer @PeterCxy I was using discord before they had a stable linux client and the only way to get the canary DEB is to message them on twitter

You don't understand a server so much as deploy it, watch your bandwidth tank, figure out you're not really that good at sysadmin and delete everything.

What? Dedicated hardware? :blobrofl:
@PeterCxy Server was an ambiguous term beforehand, this doesn't make it better.

@PeterCxy @matrix tbh that whole group of people was retarded enough to not understand it either way.

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