In fact I just don't understand how on earth is dark theme better for the eyes. I feel significantly worse when using the computer with the entire system in dark mode.

@PeterCxy I feel the opposite, dark theme is more comfortable to my eyes.

@PeterCxy Maybe modern screens are just too bright for many people (in their standard settings). Some mobile devices are trying to outshine the sun, after all.

Though dark mode is kind of the worst way to deal with that, as you'll get lots of reflection on dark screen regions...

@galaxis @PeterCxy This was what I was just thinking of, too.

Back when we still used CRTs, the max brightness wasn't that great, so a 'white' background was fine. Nowadays screen max brightnesses are way, *way* higher, it seems, with the push for HDR, LED backlighting (or even OLED).

When we didn't have the option of going super-bright, we just dealt with glare. Now, we're accustomed to jacking up the brightness to compensate, which can be painful.

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