Dear Android phone makers, "security" is not an excuse for restricting users from unlocking their devices easily. Even Google Pixels can be unlocked by simply flipping a switch in the system and then running unlock in fastboot. No "wait X days" bs. No "request unlock code" bs.

Please at least match your security patch rollout frequency to that of Pixels before claiming your devices are somehow more "secure" because of the "better" bootloader lock.

@PeterCxy If I make a smartphone, you would need to read some BL manga to unlock the BL 🤣

@niconiconi I'll definitely pay someone else to read that manga if that happens😂 :aidisdain:

@ov Not even Shinji / Kaworu fandom? I think that should be the easiest type of BL manga to read. 🤣

@niconiconi Well... I'm not an EVA acquaintance after all.

@houkimenator @niconiconi @PeterCxy oh, BL Reading Comprehension Assessment ™ is definitely made with ❤

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