Finally, a stable release of #LineageOS based on #Android 11:

Has anyone tried it out? And how is it?

I'm testing #LineageOS 18.1 on a Pixel 4 XL.

Installation is still a manual and lightly documented procedure that would scare away most users. After a bit of head scraping, I got it to boot and connect to WiFi.

Next, I'm gonna install #FDroid to get some basic apps. Let's see how far 2e can get without the Play Store..


@codewiz A problem of using Android without Google is that push notifications are basically dead unless you let every application wake up the phone. I use microG to replace the push implementation in GAPPS, but that requires a patch in frameworks not present in LineageOS. An alternative might be but they are a new project and not many apps have started supporting it yet (however there are Matrix and Mastodon clients that can use UnifiedPush)

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