Just got scammed with a fake SD card for the first time in my life from a quite reputable source over here. The thing is, I probably wouldn't have realized it was fake if I did not try to use it to test my project Paralloid until days later. For people without much technical knowledge, I'd imagine virtually nobody will be able to realize it before the return window expires.

@steko it's one of those "looped" cards which corrupts the start of the card if you try to write to the end. My ext4 super block was corrupted this way during testing. (and it looks like it's a 64GB disguised as 128GB, so kind of hard to notice quickly if not for debugging my project, which requires quite a bit of random writing)

@PeterCxy shout out to Fake Flash Fraud (f3), a program for testing drive capacity.

i'd started writing my own rolling hash system, to just filll a drive with data, then try to validate the data... thankfully someone else had a program!!!! f3!

i bought 2x 200GB sd card for $20 on ebay over half a decade ago & yeah, fraud. :) wasn't surprised but thought i'd try. ;)

@jauntywunderkind420 I just never had the thought to test it since it was from a reputable source and not cheap or anything... And then I spent hours trying to figure out why my code was misbehaving terribly on this, only to end up with the conclusion that I was scammed.

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