So I also made myself a stepper motor-based MIDI synth. It still doesn't sound exactly great, but it's working and I'm quite satisfied with it.

@PeterCxy I love these, they’re lots of fun to watch. It’ll definitely sound many times louder if you place them on a wooden surface instead of cardboard for resonance. And maybe tweak the note-to-drive-frequency algorithm to account for the ‘droop’ in higher notes

@PeterCxy I wonder if there are any on the internet where you can submit a midi file and hear it played over livestream, that’d be epic.

@s0 That sounds like a great idea for starting doing streaming 😃

@s0 It's actually already attached to my wooden table and it sounds way better IRL than after recording -- I guess it's due to my crappy phone's microphone which failed to pick up any sort of resonance for some reason.

@PeterCxy ah, hm. I bet it’s got to do with some sort of noise reduction algorithms…

@s0 I didn't realize I could just tune the lookup table for higher frequencies to fix the 'droop' issue. Thanks for the tip!

@PeterCxy yooooooo this is sick!! I loved those vids from a few years ago of people doing this with floppy drives. I will never get over the joy of having a warbly, obviously synthetic machine sound attempt to play out a song :aBobDance:

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