Unpopular opinion again: I don't think the current outcry against Audacity and Muse Group is anything close to reasonable.


So (1) I do see telemetry as a real need for an application that literally crashes every 5 minutes or so; (2) the updated privacy policy sounds like a general template that don't even really apply specifically to Audacity; it's terrible, but probably doesn't mean anything in regards to Audacity itself; (3) as an open-source project, the opt-out option is always there -- recompile without telemetry -- this is how we dealt with VS Code, and I don't see why this can't be done for Audacity and MuseScore; as long as the software is still open-source and buildable by downstream, I'm personally still okay with said software.

I do dislike Muse Group quite a bit, but I don't like hatred out of unreasonable or irrational reasons even more. This does no good to the community.

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