Daily reminder that you should not use whatever /e/ is and instead you should support upstream Google-less Android forks like LineageOS.

This study just feels like an ad paid for by /e/. How is LineageOS not Google-less but /e/ somehow is? This is just ridiculous. Of course you could install GAPPS on LineageOS, but so could you on literally every Android fork.

"The study linked chose to install "opengapps" on a LineageOS device (per page 6). Google Apps are not preinstalled on LineageOS. We have no control over what data is sent by third party applications a user chooses to install, including packages from Google. Those services are neither required nor recommended, and free open source alternatives (such as microG and F-Droid) exist."

That explains it. I don't have an opinion on /e/ but I use Lineage and was worried.

Agree on the /e/ thing, but I hope LineageOS could officially support microG, the current LineageOS for microG lacks proper financing and infrastructure for timely builds

@cakrome LineageOS has always worked fine with microG, the problem is *spoofing* microG's signature as Google's, which LineageOS will probably never agree to do. But still, there are a lot of alternatives to /e/ that are way better than /e/ in terms of basically everything.

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