Rather than paying ASUS several hundred dollars for a water cooler with VRM cooling fan, I just stuck a fan onto my random water block with some trusted 3M tape and called it a day.

Well this is a little bit too small. I need a strap to hold it in place.

Finally on my custom-built ROM. Say goodbye to a ROM that doesn't even have open-source device tree

But can your computer run Minecraft? (with SEUS PTGI path tracing) (2700X + 1070Ti + ArchLinux) (Pictures instead of screenshots because KDE screenshot somehow broke under huge OpenGL load)

阿里巴巴之所以是流氓企业,不是没有原因的,原因就在于这个企业的老板本人就是个地痞流氓 (截图来自阿里小黑板 web.archive.org/web/2019051010) (此篇已经重发,移除了 tracking 并且 archive 了)

996.icu 的那个 repo 里面出这种东西……我看怕是没救了

Growing about 2 Gigs per day. Just what the fuck is Mastodon storing... Even the old media removal script can't delete much of them.

Krita works perfect on my surface pro 6 under Linux. If only I could paint something decent....

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