Rogers still dead, but their cell towers seem to be back up and running right now. Roaming data plans that do not exit through Rogers' own backbone network seem to be working fine right now -- but Rogers' own cell plans and home internet are still down for me.

Switched my Matrix homeserver to Pyston (the optimized Python fork with JIT) at around 9:40 A.M.

Working on an open-source implementation of eSIM profile manager on Android, which supports both embedded eSIMs and removable ones.

My Sway setup with the Nord color scheme (also I'm using Sway with the Xwayland HiDPI patch)

Following the spam coming from FBI this morning, I'm now getting another wave of freenode / libera related spam on my abuse contact address for my domains. Wonder if they are related.

Though after sorting out the stupid kernel panic (from Google's weird shenanigans), I have successfully booted Android 12 on Unihertz Atom L and it seems to be working just fine.

This is just complete bullshit. Why does ArriveCAN need to verify SafetyNet at all? It literally has a web version.

Of course I'll have to have some maple syrup while in quarantine in Canada....

My Minecraft base on Iris (open-source replacement for Optifine shaders support) with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders. Can't believe my Radeon Vega 8 integrated graphics can handle 40 - 50 fps on this.

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