Also it at least works with mobile devices. Although due to the table layout used by CGit it's hard to actually be responsive. (The body tables are scrollable horizontally in case you wonder where the overflown parts are)

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So when re-styling CGit I met a problem that I need to extend the background of a non-full table row to fill the entire row. The problem was I did not want to change the HTML to force a colspan (because that means I'll need to re-compile CGit). Turns out all I had to do was to add an "after" pseudo-element and make them `display: table-cell` at each single row...

Our new database server (for both this Mastodon instance and the Matrix instance at Should be plenty for a while.

tbh now that they mentioned it, I started to find the name Shadowsocks pretty funny.

Looks like battery life also improved a lot after switching to 4GB RAM which got rid of excessive ZRAMing and OOM killing

Well looking at this cost I realized migrating to the Ryzen 3600 will only cost 4 euros more than what I have right now

well, i still have to reiterate that even when is closing down, it is still a terrible idea to migrate to pawoo or even stay on pawoo

So anyway here's what I am able to do today. There's a bunch of debug messages I added so just ignore them.

Next I need to figure out why the hell on FreeBSD I am receiving privilege errors when they should be page faults.

Tired writing presentation for my final year project, spent two hours implementing PTRACE_PEEKUSER and PTRACE_POKEUSER for FreeBSD. Now User-Mode Linux can boot to the point where root fs gets mounted on FreeBSD Linux emulation. Looks like it's still missing floating point related ptrace calls.

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