So on my new Ryzen PC build I can't get Windows to install. Linux works fine (even under torture tests) but Windows installation ISO always gets hung at boot screen. So I tried to install macOS High Sierra (Hackintosh) on this PC this afternoon and everything works smoothly just as they are in Linux. So I guess now I have a PC that can run everything except Windows?

In the next release, Shelter will be able to act as a fake camera app to provide File Shuttle feature to any app that supports invoking external camera apps to take pictures, even when they do not support Documents UI natively.

:0520: Why is the lifecycle of Linux 4.14 LTS even shorter than 4.4 LTS

I've never seen Shadowsocks showing up on this list on my last phone. Is it because the battery on my last phone drains so quickly that Shadowsocks doesn't event count 1% in its consumption?

Shit phone with stock ROM; best phone with cracked bootloader and self-built NitrogenOS

New feature for Shelter: File Shuttle, viewing files in Documents UI with the ability to copy them across profile boundary. Apps that support SAF (Storage Access Framework) will also be able to get temporary access to files on the other side through Documents UI, without voiding the isolation provided by Work Profile. And yes, this feature does not require any high privilege like adb or root, and only works when explicitly enabled.

By "a huge pile" I mean ~20 thousand pages of "Uncache" jobs

Implemented features on my open-source clone of Island, the Work profile manager to help you isolate Big Brother Apps

震惊,如果 Google 现在不入华,将会倒闭 😂

Now the whole world knows that Chinese people won't do anything innovative.

A browser claiming to be completely original that was invested by the Chinese government for CN¥200 million CNY (~US$30 million)

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