Now this playlist detailed info page is also working with my MellowPlayer plugin

What the actual F the default aac encoder of ffmpeg is doing here? It's horrible. I can hear very noticeable distortion in ffmpeg's result...

This thing called Ferdi is pretty awesome, a community fork of Franz, the web app aggregator (workspace browser) that removed most of the tracking and commercial nonsense. It has replaced a bunch of electron apps on my pc whose sole purpose were to open a dedicated window (and window class) of the app outside of the browser. I have packaged this on ArchLinuxCN repository but unfortunately the AUR package was not working properly as of my last attempt and the maintainer did not seem to be able to fix it (or accepting patches) for the time being.

Now, I do believe that stock Android with Google Apps will send shady data to Google's and even US government servers, but listing everything from RIPE to be US DoD? That's basically insane and shows the complete ignorance of these people. Oh, and this stupid "privacy" Android fork is completely proprietary and the user has no control of the secure boot keys (i.e. impossible to install custom firmware). I don't believe such a thing can be any good for privacy.

I'm kind of tempted to see the Japanese dubbed version of Doctor Who just for Sakamoto Maaya

Now this is ridiculous. No matter how much I run tootctl media remove, there seems to always be some stale objects remaining from the earliest days of this instance. I am in desperate need for the new scan-and-remove feature now.

So why the heck is there only 400G of media storage reported by Mastodon while my actual S3 storage is nearly 1T in size

Flip display driver prototype working (basically a bunch of H-bridges, LEDs in place of real coils. red LEDs are positive direction and other colors are the negative direction). Now we have to SCALE IT UP.

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