At least I can rest assured Mastodon isn't using up all CPU and RAM resources on this aarch64 server

Got ArchLinuxARM with latest mainline kernel working on Scaleway's aarch64 VPS

Seems like the Scaleway 8-core ARM instance is roughly the same with the 4-core x86 instance

Finally here all the way from Poland. Now I need to somehow come up with a driver board and controller software. Or maybe I should first do a breakout board since the pins on these are really not compatible with breadboards (not even alligator clips....)

3D-printed a case for my DSO138 oscilloscope soldering kit. Messed up a little bit and the two parts didn't really join nicely so I used some hot glue. But at least it look okay to me lol

Me: I'm gonna buy this mini phone as a toy. No flashing or custom rom or anything
Also me: builds shrinked GSI Android 9 for this phone launched with Android 8.1

My first soldering attempt -- rather ugly, I was literally freaking out

Got my new mini PC GPD P2 Max. Linux pretty much runs out of the box because they use standard stuff everywhere now. Only two issues: 1) memory was terribly fucked upon arrival. coredumps and kernel memory corruption everywhere. Fixed by a BIOS update provided by customer service. 2) The goodix touchscreen does not work seemingly due to ACPI implementation problem.

Spent a day debugging why my ATmega328P doesn't output to serial ports, and just realized my breadboard might have a defect. Moved it to another breadboard and finally it works. The original one seems to have a broken connection right on where the serial pins were.

I love the look of this new case and this Radeon reference card so much

Rather than paying ASUS several hundred dollars for a water cooler with VRM cooling fan, I just stuck a fan onto my random water block with some trusted 3M tape and called it a day.

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