3D-printed a case for my DSO138 oscilloscope soldering kit. Messed up a little bit and the two parts didn't really join nicely so I used some hot glue. But at least it look okay to me lol

Me: I'm gonna buy this mini phone as a toy. No flashing or custom rom or anything
Also me: builds shrinked GSI Android 9 for this phone launched with Android 8.1

My first soldering attempt -- rather ugly, I was literally freaking out

Got my new mini PC GPD P2 Max. Linux pretty much runs out of the box because they use standard stuff everywhere now. Only two issues: 1) memory was terribly fucked upon arrival. coredumps and kernel memory corruption everywhere. Fixed by a BIOS update provided by customer service. 2) The goodix touchscreen does not work seemingly due to ACPI implementation problem.

Spent a day debugging why my ATmega328P doesn't output to serial ports, and just realized my breadboard might have a defect. Moved it to another breadboard and finally it works. The original one seems to have a broken connection right on where the serial pins were.

I love the look of this new case and this Radeon reference card so much

Rather than paying ASUS several hundred dollars for a water cooler with VRM cooling fan, I just stuck a fan onto my random water block with some trusted 3M tape and called it a day.

Well this is a little bit too small. I need a strap to hold it in place.

Finally on my custom-built ROM. Say goodbye to a ROM that doesn't even have open-source device tree

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