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This is just... so good. I need to donate to the author of FirefoxPWA immediately.

So I also made myself a stepper motor-based MIDI synth. It still doesn't sound exactly great, but it's working and I'm quite satisfied with it.

So this is a thing I'm making right now. A "dumb" TOTP authenticator so that I can wipe my phone without worrying about backing up TOTP keys (having a backup copy kind of defeats the purpose).

Note: the displayed tokens are definitely not real.

Unihertz Jelly 2. Much better than K-touch i9 -- larger memory, larger storage, and much faster SoC. The screen resolution is also way higher. It comes with Android 10, which means installing Android 11 GSI would be a breeze.

The next major release of Shelter will have a completely revamped on-boarding process. I hope that this will make the initial setup less confusing and I will receive less bug reports due to mere confusion.

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