OC'ed my RAM on my Ryzen Pro 4750G rig to DDR4-3533 CL18-20-20-36 and it seems fine after a few rounds of memtest86.

i just sold a used RX 5700 at a price higher than its original price when i bought it a year ago. Holy bananas.

@kev I went with an APU and just said goodbye with a dedicated GPU

@loosy I'll probably just take it off and see what happens tomorrow

Hmmm has anyone tried to take off the backplate of Gigabyte X570 I Aorus? Is it holding down the VRM heatsink at the front or is it a standalone piece?

@poga 可以说是非常吃资源(由于 full mesh 的网络结构和他的 consistency 模型)。不过 Synapse 吃的资源是和房间复杂度成正比,所以如果大房间数量一定的话,有更多用户反而不一定会吃更多资源 —— 因此用户少的时候反而会看起来更吃资源。 :ultrafastparrot:

People: radiation is bad, 5G will kill us all
Also people: *puts on literal radioactive underwear*


Is there something that can monitor Hetzner Server Auction for a set price ceiling with filter on configuration

@loosy Mastodon is probably less efficient than Pleroma, but at least it scales linearly and is not a total database hog. With libjemalloc nowadays its base resource usage is also much lower than before. But Synapse.... to be fair, it's also better than before, and Matrix's full mesh & consistency model does require a lot of work, but it is still quite heavy.

@loosy No, my Mastodon instance only eats up <1GB of memory, and it doesn't need a whole lot of database performance (so less cache needed). The real problem is Matrix, in particular, Synapse -- it eats up about 2 GB to begin with and grows rapidly when you join any sort of large rooms, and it hates the database and needs a bunch of cache to work.

Of course our Mastodon or Matrix server is not running slow right now. It's just that we barely have any headroom and I think I should keep an eye on Hetzner auctions for a good server deal with bigger ECC memory

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Unfortunately Hetzner auction servers do not normally come with ECC.

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Our 16 GB RAM does not seem to be enough for Mastodon + Matrix + PostgreSQL + ZFS. I guess I'll need to wait for a dedicated server deal with bigger memory and with ECC...


@lemon お持ち帰りぃ

In case you wonder why I list en_U{S,K} in my languages list, basically, a lot of people who acquired English as a second language mix up US and UK expressions a lot, and that definitely includes me.

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