Apparently most of the database queries of Matrix's Synapse results in a sequential scan instead of index scan, and that's why it depends so heavily on the I/O performance of the database server

Well, I mean, a lot of open-source projects are sponsored by a bunch of casinos, like Android x86

I don't understand how my sister doesn't have low-battery-level anxiety for her electronic devices. She uses everything until the battery dies before charging. For me? I can't stand any of my devices below 80% full.

@frodo Nah I don't care about anything other than mail and calendar.

Our university uses Office365 and it's an absolute nightmare to set up on Linux

Why does TypeScript have to differentiate between type-only and type-and-value imports? It just feels unnecessary and annoying.

@Gargron @trwnh @dansup As the admin of an instance with about 10 active users I can confirm that the federated timeline is more than 50% garbage even on our very small instance. But again, I do use the federated timeline sometimes as a means of discovery, although it's not really very effective unless I'm getting lucky.

What if the thing really is Turing complete in some weird way like being able to encode a program in the initial seed number?

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Installed and configured Prometheus and Grafana. Feeling like a real sysadmin now.

All the crap is not currently in use but I can't just throw them away because I know I will need them some time.

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and I have so many electronics that I'm worrying customs will have issues with me :(

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I'm about to move to Canada but I have so much crap here all over my desk that I can barely get them to fit in a suitcase.

How do I play the original NES Legend of Zelda I'm so lost walking around

Um, so, I decided to start making yet another Mastodon web client, but I haven't finished designing the home page after 2 days of work. Maybe I should not try to design anything myself :blobsob:

@niconiconi Basically remote attestation of the OS integrity of an Android device.

...though I'm more into smaller form factor devices these days, and, well, those probably really cannot be very modular.

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My parents: married when 26
Me: 24 and still haven't really dated anybody

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