Some random car company keeps trying to refactor Android's AudioPolicyManager code and every time they submit any code it breaks in-call audio on a bunch of old devices. Can Google maybe just do a tiny bit of testing before blindly merging refactors...

Google removed the requirement for OEMs to ship with the generic kernel on version 5.10+

VoLTE (IMS) is a well-defined standard, and is implemented by most modern smartphone SoCs. Yet carriers somehow just insist on making weird restrictions on what is considered "compatible", despite the clear fact that there should be no difference and everything should just work fine with the correct configuration.

Tried to make bacon & eggs with my air fryer and failed horribly. Now my entire room smells like bacon, and even me smells like bacon.

Maybe I should really consider using some sort of VoIP service

@cakrome so once 3G gets decommissioned one day I'll stop having access to voice calls. Can't say I'm looking forward to that :)

...and I am sick of those "your device is not made for the Canadian market so it doesn't have the 'carrier configurations'" bullshit. No, those "carrier configurations" are pretty much always pre-loaded in most sensible global phones. The only issue is whether the carrier allows VoLTE registration from said devices.

@austin Well I'm clearly not the only one running into such issues as their forums are flooded with similar questions. But none got actually solved -- just marked "solved" with no useful answer other than "we cannot do this at this time".

@austin Unfortunately I believe that's the only possible case because everything on my device side seems to be working. I've been debugging the telephony code and RIL code on my devices for several days and everything is functioning as expected. (BTW, they seem to allow all Google and Apple IMEIs, so I guess that is why for most people it seems to work just fine)

@austin At least it seems that Rogers and FIDO (the same thing) officially admitted that their VoLTE won't work with BYOD

@austin ...which is impossible because I know it has VoLTE and I know that it has everything that's needed for it to work with my carrier's VoLTE, including modem configurations, firmware support and APNs.

Do all large Canadian carriers block VoLTE for unlocked phones?

Still can't unhear that the first 4 chords of "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" are the same as those in "Leck mich im Arsch"

Shelter's git repository is now hosted on my Gitea instance, running on the fantastic JuiceFS

They are finally back in stock and available for delivery in Canada

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