We just had a major down time on our media server. It has now been resolved.

@pen 用 XMPP 帐号登录,然后找 community, 或者单纯当 XMPP 客户端用(

We now have our own Movim instance, an XMPP-based social network (plus a very glossy XMPP web client): movim.angry.im

Yes now there is Comfy.Social the Misskey instance but SN.Angry.Im will still be a thing going forward

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Well at least SN.Angry.Im, which I created back in 2017, will continue to exist.

If Gitea federation gets merged and stablized I can delete my GitHub account entirely


@crowNOfly @board 推荐 Standard Notes, 免费版只是没有花里胡哨的编辑器和皮肤;有能力的还可以 self-host 同步服务端

Hmm I'm kind of tempted to set up a Misskey instance alongside my long-running Mastodon instance


When I traveled to Osaka back in 2019, what I saw as a slogan everywhere in the metro stations was "暴力は犯罪です".

While in Tokyo just a few days later, what I saw was instead "痴漢は犯罪です".


@omasanori こっちはまだ月曜なのに俺はもう週末を待ち望んでいる笑

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