@niconiconi @Soybean All I have now is a bunch of garbage chips lying around but those are enough for virtually all my usecases :ablobblewobble:

@niconiconi Just another few days of not doing anything, not a big deal at all :slow_parrot:

So exicted to have ordered my new PCB after a year of not doing anything.

So this is a thing I'm making right now. A "dumb" TOTP authenticator so that I can wipe my phone without worrying about backing up TOTP keys (having a backup copy kind of defeats the purpose).

Note: the displayed tokens are definitely not real.

Having been writing in Rust for so long I have forgotten how to work with the Java-like object-oriented type system

Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
Computer Systems Architecture: A Networking Approach


I've just realized that you can set Do-Not-Disturb schedule with Android. It's such a useful feature that I wonder how I have not noticed it until now

@codewiz A problem of using Android without Google is that push notifications are basically dead unless you let every application wake up the phone. I use microG to replace the push implementation in GAPPS, but that requires a patch in frameworks not present in LineageOS. An alternative might be unifiedpush.org/ but they are a new project and not many apps have started supporting it yet (however there are Matrix and Mastodon clients that can use UnifiedPush)

My weird phone collection has been growing a lot since last year

Hmmm maybe my next project should be a standalone TOTP authenticator device

Maybe I should jerry rig together some simple and dumb device that does and only does TOTP.

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For services that force 2FA, I store all of the 2FA keys using KeePass (KeeWeb has TOTP support). I know this isn't "the correct way" of doing it, but I really cannot trust any of my phones to not lose data in a month or two.

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I don't know if it's just because I am a custom ROM developer and wipe my phones very often, but I personally consider all data on my smart phones ephemeral and need to be backed up somewhere else. This means that 2FA apps like Google Authenticator which basically bind all of my 2FA keys to one single device are no-go for me.

I can type with a full QWERTY keyboard on a 3.5" touch screen

Working on a custom DNS-over-HTTPS resolver implemented on Cloudflare Workers with caching / adblock / custom hosts support cgit.typeblog.net/workerns/

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