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RPi Zero can run PSX games but can barely run Sega Genesis games on genesis-plus-gx???

You don't need RTX or any fancy graphics to make a great game. Retro games are the best proof.

@niconiconi This one designed by Retroflag seems quite clever about this -- the pi sits in a cartridge that is separated from the main board and supported by the outer casing, so there is no uneven pressure on the actual "main" board. The board exposes a PCI slot-like interface which connects to the cartridge.

@4ioskd nah it's just a really really good clone with Raspberry Pi inside

@friend No, and that's another reason why we need to make a clone of it

Maybe we should fork the score sharing service too.

Why is battery capacity always labeled in mAh / Ah and not in mWh / Wh? That doesn't make any sense.

Btw I might not be able to play with it as much after the end of August because I'm moving somewhere else and I'll have roommates. But hopefully this won't bother them too much (it's hardly hearable outside a closed wooden door).

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What should I make next for my stepper motor midi synth

At this point I think Muse Group is just in self-destruction mode. I mean do they even want to continue doing business.

Just got reminded that the project I'm working with right now, LineageOS, was also the product of a similar drama like the current one (corporation bought a project and started to f*** everybody, then original maintainers called it quits and started a new fork). Hopefully the future of Audacity and MuseScore will be similar.

@yuki_is_bored I just hope at least some of the original developers will realize what's wrong with Muse Group and move development effort to a fork (which happened for both MySQL and OpenOffice).

I guess for now I'll still have to use MuseScore and Audacity... until the long-term community forks get established.

To be honest I'm more worried about MuseScore than Audacity. There's basically no FOSS alternative to MuseScore, period.

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Creating a million forks of Audacity and MuseScore won't help though. It's better if the community comes together and develop under a single fork. Otherwise all the forks will become nothing but a rebranding & recompilation of the upstream version.

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