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Working on an open-source implementation of eSIM profile manager on Android, which supports both embedded eSIMs and removable ones.

@mametsuko It could leave an annoying scar though if the mole is too big. I had one removed from my belly and now there's just a scar there. And they took the removed mole for inspection which concluded that it was not cancerous, so I now basically had a big scar on my belly for absolutely no good reason whatsoever :blobsob:

By the way I opened a new blog just for articles that don't fit into a social media post but too short for a blog post

Kotlin: choose your adventure: writing the same thing in 1,000,000 different ways

People talking about Elon buying Twitter like it wasn't a bunch of extremely wealthy millionaires who don't care about you in charge of it before

@fribbledom Sounds like something weird is going on. My account is in like ~200 chats due to bridging, and I am also in quite a few very large Matrix channels, but Element Android uses only like ~400MB max. And that's not even "real" memory usage, because the process is not even really running, only kept around by Android because I have spare RAM.

I used to manually remove the sign-in verification code at each update just so that it doesn't keep asking me to verify my frickin' account

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