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@1iceloops123 It's already been a month though and every time I forget the anniversary date of my instance XD

I probably should try to get the prescription drug thing for migraines at some point...

Granted, still no userspace drivers, but at least now it seems more likely than before :)

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I can't believe NVIDIA just open-sourced their kernel modules

A short write-up on my recent endeavor with eSIMs and the creation of OpenEUICC, the open-source eSIM management application for Google-free Android ROMs

Well, in any case, I'm sure whatever he writes will be way, way better than Chris Chibnall....

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Tried out Gonic + Airsonic-refix as a self-hosted music streaming stack. Seems pretty good.

Tried out Funkwhale and decided not to go with it. A lot of features are just broken...

This needs to be embedded into /system/priv-app, and it theoretically supports all eUICC chips conforming to the GSMA SGP.22 standard, including embedded ones shipped in modern phones (tested on Pixel 4a), and standalone ones that can be removed.

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My open-source eSIM profile manager for Android is now feature-complete (at least in terms to eSIM management itself)

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