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Who the hell is still attacking my sites at All the attacking connections have been filtered since yesterday, but he/she still seems not satisfied yet.

English-dubbed Japanese stuff are not in English at all.

院子里来了野橘猫偷吃了五六根香肠(“根”是指连在一起很长的一整条),今天把香肠扔了以后他又来了 :0520:

我发现我从来没有因为没有归属感而焦虑过 自娱自乐就很开心(

:8091: 今日领悟:Mastodon 如果 style 挂了的话是会发不出邮件的

Though I have finished Mastodon upgrade now, I might do a full-server upgrade (pacman -Syu) later today.

Finally we have styled scrollbars on Firefox with Mastodon v2.7

Mail Service is fixed now!!!

我们村路修好了!!! :0520:


reminder: apple was the first important company with the courage to drop the headphone jack. now that they've done it, everyone is doing it, and this >200 year old standard is dying thanks to them

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Yet another excited Mastodon instance.

This node has not a main focus, and I do think it should never have. Read Rules before deciding to join, please.

This instance has an alias domain, ``. Any user on this instance with `` can also be identified using ``, e.g. `@[email protected]` and `@[email protected]` are equivalent. Other Mastodon instances will recognize the alias and redirect to the correct user account.

This instance also federates with Mastodon (or any ActivityPub implementation) servers behind Tor (.onion) addresses. Feel free to lurk with anyone on those instances.

Public registration is for now closed, however it is still possible to join by acquiring an invitation from existing members of this instance or by contacting the moderators. If you would like to register on this instance or if you have any problem (e.g. if you could not receive activation / password reset e-mail), please contact me with e-mail [email protected]