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Who the hell is still attacking my sites at All the attacking connections have been filtered since yesterday, but he/she still seems not satisfied yet.

English-dubbed Japanese stuff are not in English at all.

院子里来了野橘猫偷吃了五六根香肠(“根”是指连在一起很长的一整条),今天把香肠扔了以后他又来了 :0520:

我发现我从来没有因为没有归属感而焦虑过 自娱自乐就很开心(

:8091: 今日领悟:Mastodon 如果 style 挂了的话是会发不出邮件的

Though I have finished Mastodon upgrade now, I might do a full-server upgrade (pacman -Syu) later today.

Finally we have styled scrollbars on Firefox with Mastodon v2.7

Mail Service is fixed now!!!

我们村路修好了!!! :0520:


reminder: apple was the first important company with the courage to drop the headphone jack. now that they've done it, everyone is doing it, and this >200 year old standard is dying thanks to them

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