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RT @chenglap: 華人最有趣的地方是, 當談及弱者道德時, 標準是理想主義的. 弱者的任何道德問題都會被放到最大. 而當談及強者的道德時, 標準則變成現實主義, 「你講道德有甚麼用, 現實就是有錢最大」, 所以華人的道德大部份都只是對社會有害, 因為他從不約束該約束的人.

有空再把天鹅绒监狱拿出来读一遍 真是写绝了 绝了

A simple calculation tells me that my instance will have over 1 Terabyte of media data just within this year.

Growing about 2 Gigs per day. Just what the fuck is Mastodon storing... Even the old media removal script can't delete much of them.

The last version of Shelter introduced some crashing problem on some Samsung devices (and maybe others). For now I've fixed it and uploaded Shelter 1.4.1 to Play Store and Coolapk. F-Droid users will still have to wait for F-Droid auto rebuilds.


Disabling network access should be a functionality of Android, like what many custom ROMs have already done. Why not? No safety vulnerabilities. No bug triggered. Apps should know what to do without network. #FixItAlready

It's a huge pain in the ass to forward-port a Linux kernel patch to newer versions

Krita works perfect on my surface pro 6 under Linux. If only I could paint something decent....

I'm still curious how did something like PreLoader and Shim obtain a Microsoft signature for UEFI Secure Boot

Interoperability :你可以用各種 app 在我們的平台上溝通,但只能用我們的 app,這就是 interoperability
Encryption 就是去中心化!因為我們看不到你的訊息
Read Mark Zuckerberg’s letter on Facebook’s privacy-focused future - The Verge

How do you pass the most unpopular measure in European history? With the most undemocratic dirty trick in EU history: stop the #Article13 vote from being moved ahead of day of protest!

Flashback to the year 2000, where it took an entire full-length book to teach you how to multi-boot operating systems

Surface Pen works perfectly on my Surface Pro 6 with ArchLinux.

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