Show more vs freecodecamp 总给人一种 pewdiepie vs T-series 的感觉。。。。。。

Feeling that I could make anything after playing with my 3D printer for 2 days



・VRあどみん Misskeyエディション feat. しゅいろ
・VRあどみん Misskeyエディション feat. めいめい
・VRあどみん 神埼丼リミテッドエディション feat. 神埼おにいさん
#theboss_tech スペシャルパッケージ feat. THE_BOSS
・VRあどみん feat.nullkal
・VR Admin with Eugen Rochko(海外版限定)

各種 65536円(税込)

?? This is awesome! :ruby:

"Build up professional development experience by contributing to open source projects with the help of a mentor. RubyMe pairs early-career developers from under-represented backgrounds with seasoned Rubyists.

Choose specific areas to focus on. Get paid for 8 hours per month, learning best practices from experienced developers and contributing to Ruby open source."

"At no point has Assange been credibly accused of a crime. He’s a journalist. People provide him with information. He publishes that information. That’s an activity clearly and unambiguously protected by the First Amendment."

What do you think of SN.Angry.Im




Why is it such a pain in the ass to render a freaking non-linear extruded shape in OpenSCAD... High-precision slicing will blow up the CGAL almost immediately. I'm falling back to using few slices with linear extrusion to approximate it.

I frankly can't find any other country where big corporations dare to ignore labor laws publicly and advertise it as a "positive" point of their freaking company. Except in China.

Trying OpenSCAD for the first time and it takes forever to render. Can we just slice the original CAD file without going through the model rendering..

Whoa, found an article about our new desktop clients in Chinese! 😁😍

@leo_song 在互联网时代,人人都可以做小大哥,甚至可以偶尔盯着老大哥。 (可惜是德语)

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