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And crap, the price of memories are now like half of the price when I bought my current ones. I could go 16Gx2 with the same money now...

I need more memory. I'm running out of memory every day since I got back in the Android ROM development community.

gotta say, i'm so used to the "flat" memory model, i will probably take some time to get used to that what looks like the same address might refer to different parts of memory depending on the instruction.

I'm pretty confused finding a wheelchair-accessible hotel in Japan. Tried several Western-looking hotels (and even something like Holiday Inn from IHG) and they don't provide any information on whether they have these rooms and how to reserve them. But I see some local Japanese hotels provide a detailed guide, the only problem is that I can't see how the room would be...


If my mobile phone went missing, I would wish it was in the off state, because there is no decrypted data present in memory. If something has to be done, I wish I could turn off my device remotely, instead of finding its location, because that would make much more sense.

I respect how Apple tries to "protect privacy" (if what they advertised were true). But I would never put my privacy on a device I can't even run my custom software -- and also definitely not one that maintains a completely proprietary software ecosystem, shoving a bunch of arbitrary rules and overpriced stuff down everyone's throat and call it "privacy".

Yet another large #XMPP user: #Nintendo #Switch deploys #ejabberd: "In terms of technology, XMPP was chosen due to the large feature set of that protocol. ejabberd was chosen because of its scalability and robustness."
@reclus @antifarben

I just don't get it. What sort of "professional" is gonna spend $1000 for a display stand.


但是总体来书,如果你去 STM, TI, LT, OnSemi, Maxim 等知名大厂的网站,它们都会迫不及待的想把各种产品卖给你。而这些大陆半导体公司的网站哪怕有提供的详细的产品目录和技术资料,制作也相当「精良」,以至于浏览了半个小时,都无法找到需要的元器件;这些厂家的线上宣传和销售普遍都是这个情况,也就不要奇怪为什么所谓「国产」芯片没有人用了。


前几天好奇究竟有哪些企业在生产基本像是时钟、电源、运放、MOS 管、EEPROM 这类基础芯片——虽然它们属于最低端的元器件,按理说随便一个厂都能生产,但应用中人们往往还是会选择国际知名大厂的产品。

于是我到某电子采购网站去厂商列表里按照顺序把大陆半导体公司的网站都点了一遍,一共 25 家,得到了这样的发现(每家的介绍都说自己的产品如何种类齐全,应用广泛……):

2 家:「未备案,存在有害信息」或技术故障无法访问;
3 家:没有任何具体的产品信息;
2 家:公司网站有产品列表,但因网站技术故障,所有技术资料和数据手册全部无法下载。看着像是故障多年了,无人处理;
6 家:有产品列表和数据手册,但均不详细、不完整,也没有应用案例介绍。其中最有意思的一家倒是有详细的产品介绍,但网站上一共只列出了 4 种芯片。

只有 8 家公司网站还算正常,有基本完整的产品列表和数据手册,但也没有任何应用案例宣传和产品介绍。

这些基本信息都有的,只有 4 家。

WTF I'm now in the same private chat room with the author of WireGuard

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