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and why are daughterboards only daughterboards? Motherboards cannot have sonboards?

Why are motherboards called motherboards not fatherboards?

The @LinuxFoundation 's Staff Uses #Windows and #Microsoft . Now the Foundation Outsources the Coding and Hosting, Too (to Microsoft of Course). #deletegithub #entryism #linux
We live in a world where 'charities' and/or nonprofits are run and owned by those who steal from those whom they claim to cater for
"is human life’s alleged precious worth even relevant to the behavior of the “Defense” Department, which until 18 September 1947, was more accurately named the War Department?"

What is this shit called "Havoc OS"? Do they just take others' open-source work for free and make it closed? They don't even provide their frickin kernel source code.

I need to have a rest. Been working on custom ROMs for OnePlus 7 Pro for 4 days without break. So frickin tired.

I'm disappointed how Fediverse users expect mere client apps to implement global block for one specific implementation of the protocol just because the content. Yes I also hate those content, but what I know is that such blocking is not less ridiculous either. It's just like a browser blocking a website because of its content. Political views can shift with time, but things like browsers, things that provide access to information, should always remain unbiased and unfiltered. That's the freedom of the retrieval of information.

Every day is a new day to discover a new fucking privacy-washing organization.

Today, let's meet the "Futur of Privacy Forum", funded by :
- Facebook
- Google
- Microsoft
- Amazon
- Adobe
- Palantir
- Uber
- Verizon
- 23andMe
- Criteo

I don't know if I have to laugh, cry, or throw up!...

Thanks @aral for this discovery

@trwnh @Gargron @angristan Well, the current wave of spam that I've seen was attached to existing interactions.
Unfortunately, the Fediverse has no controls on that level - sure, I can block that account, or I can report them (and hope the remote instance cares or isn't actively hostile) - but everyone else will still get to see it when they're looking at the affected thread on their instance. So spamming currently is super effective, at least until the originating account gets deleted.

Due to the recent discussions about Tusky merging their Gab ban, I'm reposting my series "Imagine if _all_ applications were developed the same way as Fedi apps" with slightly improved screenshots and a new one.

Also, I'd like to clarify my stance on this matter since people thought I'd support Gab or that I'd make inaccurate comparisons.

My motivation for posting these screenshots is that I think blocks like this don't belong in software that is completely detached from the stuff it displays.
Kinds of software that belong in this category are web browsers, email clients, music players, text editors, and also Fedi apps such as Tusky or Fedilab. They are merely tools that allow people to use certain contents or services, but they don't host them and therefore aren't responsible for them.
To me, this isn't a matter of free speech or some free software principles. As a user, I simply don't want developers to force their personal/political opinions onto me in that way. And here is why:

Imagine if more software implemented various kinds of blocks against things the developer doesn't want to support. I'm sure many of you now may think "Cool, so they block things for bad people. How is this a problem?"

The problem is that your view of what "bad people" are or how they should be handled by the software doesn't necessarily have to agree with the developers' views.

A good example for this is the file browser screenshot: Among other files, the message lists a Torrent for an Arch Linux image as blocked. Most likely, the imaginary developer thinks that Torrents are used too often to distribute illegal things, so making them harder to use is more beneficial than not doing it. Would you agree with this?

In the long run, this problem may become worse. What if the political climate in our society shifted and over time, some of the opinions you or people you like/follow/... hold were considered harmful by many software developers? What if you were confronted with messages like the ones in the screenshots all the time because of that?

Many people don't expect that measures taken against "bad people" could ever affect them negatively. After all, they are good people.
This is actually very similar to discussions about privacy invasions, where there are people who "have nothing to hide" and therefore don't care about such problems.

That's the situation I was trying to convey with these screenshots in the same way Black Mirror shows how current technological trends could lead to negative impacts on our society.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-19 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-01 2…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-02 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-02 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-17 2…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-19 1…





#中午吃啥 有没有人开发一个死宅觅食网站……虽然就在市里,但是每次出门除了麦当劳实在不知道有什么能吃的,哪怕已经走出了 4 公里。然后回家路上看到一些似乎可以去吃的地方,下次出门也就又忘了。

@ghost CAPTCHA 的本质就是歧视机器人的种族主义:屏蔽你并不是因为你做错了什么,而是因为你是一个机器人。另外,因为绝大多数机器人都是恶意的,所以你也一定是。在赛博朋克的世界里,最理想的情况是:只要机器人也遵守资本的规则,机器人也是一等公民,就像这位博主的做法


WTF what the heck does facebook have to do with cryptocurrency

why did mastodon never take off 

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