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Someone from Cisco went on stage to propose weakening TLS 1.3 for "network-based security solutions" (enterprise spyware).

There was a long line at the mic of people pushing back on it... I almost felt bad for the poor speaker 🙂

The darkest of UX patterns. Interrupt what people actually want to see (their feed) with a thing that sounds like it’s good, with a big obvious blue button that will make it go away, while uninformed users are actually “opting in” to invasive, privacy-destroying tracking.

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Is this a question? Because it doesn't seem like I'm able to say "no".


Let's Encrypt's ECDSA root certificate is postponed AGAIN?! :oh_no: I've already been waiting for 2 years...

It wouldn't provide much security benefits, but making the certificate chain fits within fewer TCP packets would speedup the handshake dramatically.

See? Family separation isn't racist. We're doing it to poor US citizens now too!

[アニメ会社放火 男性1人死亡 死者34人に 警察]

Just found out about this and I'm very into this model of social media! keep up the good work @Gargron




Rather than paying ASUS several hundred dollars for a water cooler with VRM cooling fan, I just stuck a fan onto my random water block with some trusted 3M tape and called it a day.

> lingua Franca
> means ‘french’
> English is the French of the world

To be clear, I think it's good to have companies care about hardware integrity in addition to software integrity. But if all these attempts of hardware integrity rely on giving all control of the machine to these companies rather than the end user, while all the solutions also being completely proprietary and not auditable, I'm just going to call them bullshit no matter what. Any integrity guarantee without audiatbility and user control is just nonsense.

How is the thing called T2 to be considered a "security chip" when it's not auditable in any sense and almost all it contributes is the decrease in user control (both hardware and software) and probably more profit to the company that makes it?

Our Country is Free, Beautiful and Very Successful. If you hate our Country, or if you are not happy here, you can leave!
Learning about #china affairs (politics, industry etc.) from Chinese (state) media is like learning about what goes on in #russia based on RT and #trumpland based on Faux 'News'


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