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隔壁炒米线活了。这是好滴 :cgss_kanako:

开到眼界,真的他妈的会有说“这年头的 CPU 足够软解”然后潜台词分明说没必要做硬解的人的,到现在 2019 年末 Linux 浏览器都没硬解是不是他妈就因为有这种人在啊?

至今还没有升级 3.0 的我是不是已经成为 Mastodon 最咸鱼站长了

The Cutest Oscilloscope Ever Made

If you thought your handheld digital oscilloscope was the most transportable of your signal analyzing tools, then you’re in for a surprise. This oscilloscope made by [Mark Omo] measures only one square inch, with the ma…

Original tweet :

I loved the Caddyfile format so much. It's so much simpler and more human-readable than the frickin JSON. Why would anyone like to replace that with JSON?

why on EARTH would caddy use JSON as its new configuration file format??????????? I'm dropping it now.

"There were many remarkable talks and the papers can be found online; albeit behind a paywall. But I expect #SciHub to have copies and authors to be willing to share their work if you ask."

When on earth would AMD fix those shitty hangs when DMA is enabled for their RDNA cards

"NVIDIA joins the Blender foundation, a new cybersecurity alliance is launched to better integrate security products, #Thunderbird makes plans for official #OpenPGP support, and some mixed news for console enthusiasts"

Pretty sure things called "privacy", "security", or "human rights" that most governments talk about are totally different from what we think of

"We are a progressive company that supports your rights! Get out and vote!"


"We apologize for our CEO tweeting in support of pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong. Please don't hurt us, CPC."
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