Show more OMG this guy has a whole frickin company selling klein bottles? (trying to resist the urge to by the drinking-mug-shaped one right now)

FortiGuard XOR Encryption in Multiple Fortinet Products

(submitted by andromaton)

@ijliao 「一滴血验 13 种癌症」……由于众所周知的原因,如今听到「一滴血」都会感觉这东西非常可疑,但愿别是下一个 Theranos... :doge: :doge: :doge:

这次香港的选举,可谓是民粹与后真相时代最好的体现。在一个已存在完善选举制度的地方,如果没有极为特殊的证据,「选举被大规模操纵」是不会有多少人相信的,要质疑也是质疑政党的竞选手段,最多也是像 2000 年美国布什与阿尔·戈尔竞选的那种质疑(两者的普选票只差了不到 1%),或者直接质疑制度的合理性而不是数字本身。

但如今在微博上说「160 万张选票(56%)都被操纵」居然会有人相信。


我:Don't trust, don't verify——并不值得浪费时间的事情有很多,比如我现在在微博时间线上看到的大多数政治信息。



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I'd like to have Threadripper some time but until I can pay the ~$2000 bill for a single CPU I'll have to hope AMD keeps adding cores to their "mainstream" stuff


So keepassXC still does not support WebDAV synchronization natively



Why the heck does Firefox support hardware video decoding on both Windows and macOS but not on Linux... I once thought it didn't work on macOS either but apparently I was wrong. So basically Linux users do not deserve a proper online video experience ...?

最近几天撞了不少 Android / AndroidRuntime 大坑 :8091:

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is, 'We’ve always done it this way.'”

- Grace Hopper

macOS is surprisingly more familiar to use than Windows for me. It even has Vim pre-installed!


It pays more to emit. So emit they will. This system is not compatible with long-term human survival, it'll lead to war and famine, maybe the whole species can perish
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