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Intelが「iGPUでRyzen Mobile 2xxx超えました!」って自慢した翌日に4xxx発表するAMDはドS

bad news, I wanted to use a Qin 2 as debugging phone for porting GSIs to Qin 2 Pro, but then realized that this bloody thing is 32-bit armv7, while the Pro variant is aarch64.

I love the mockery of Google in Doctor Who season 12 (as the company "VOR")

笑死我了。早上在短波听到台湾央广开始在 9900 kHz 播报新闻,并使用 10 kHz 频宽高保真播出,完全压制了同频率的大陆央广,后者几乎听不见。过了不到十分钟,就在频谱图上看到大陆央广的信号强度开始变得越来越大,信号增强了将近 20 dB,以 20 kHz 超保真频宽加鬼畜回声音效迅速从台湾央广夺回控制权,最后 SDR 接收机都过载了……

虽然可能仅仅是电离层扰动造成的,但还是要想像一下在某指挥所,有人在边监听边指挥的场景 🤣

那个。。有没有推荐的。。平价lo裙。。。(黑红蓝或者哥特风的) :brimi1:

世界最小ハンディプリンターPrinCube、Amazonに登場。1.2万円でどこでもカラー印刷 - AndroPlus
Super Early Bird組によれば不満なく使えてるそうだし楽しみ

2020 still doesn't seem real. It sounds like a fake, made-up, SciFi-inspired number. When I was a little kid imagining the crazy stuff we do in the distant future, I always pictured the year would be 2020.


I like the idea of targeted assassinations. In fact, I think national leaders should target each other and leave the rest of us alone.

PSA: Did someone link you a post somewhere else on the fediverse? Copy and paste it into the search bar, and you can read it all from the comfort of your client, and interact with things without dealing with the clunky "remote whatever" OAuth business!


Can we solve the problem of what happens in the first and second quarter of 1999 with #blockchain?

I'm all for patriotism if I could choose what sort of place my country is. Like customizable to every single possible detail. Otherwise? meh. It's only going to hide problems and make it a even worse place.

Can I just stop Google from sending spoilers to my news feed?

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