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The LFS documentation is really amazingly good!

If you're interested in GNU/Linux I can only recommend doing this once in your life, you'll learn a lot!

Awk as a Major Systems Programming Language – Revisited (2018)

(submitted by kick)

i have made nsfw tags invisible in trends on this instance cuz that's just trending every freakin day...

Ok I cannot remember most of the names appeared in Kimetsu no Yaiba, not even the name of the author

it's simply disturbing to watch video in japanese with non-removable english subtitle

♻️ your fingerprints are not secure 

I have turned on trending tags in this instance as a test.

Alpine.js: A minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup

(submitted by j4mie)

We've pushed a third and final(?) release candidate for Synapse v1.10, which provides a temporary workaround for alias abuse (by filtering out while we finish a full fix. Please test!

I am once again asking you for financial support (so i can buy a new graphics card)


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