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So modern security as recognized by corporations basically says all users are adversaries.

While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:





I was searching for the correct image transformation function in Qt, the search engine brought me to an automatic code snippet collection site.

The first snippet works for me, then I noticed that it came from my own program...

The custom ROM community should not have settled with spoofing SafetyNet status in the first place. Instead, it should be made VERY clear to users what Google and some app developers are doing, and stop paying them money, not bypassing SafetyNet only to keep sending free revenue to them.

I shouldn't have chosen the game development course with Unity. I hate C#.

I mean even Huawei without CTS is still selling their phones. Custom ROMs and root solutions won't face worse outcomes than them at least.

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also to be absolutely frank I probably haven't actually treated my phone as a proper main device and nor do I plan to do so. It's funny when those apps try every possible way to prevent users from running them on modified phones but you can just use them 100% fine on a computer with a web browser.

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Seems like Google is finally sealing up all holes for root / custom ROM users. But I haven't cared about SafetyNet status for a really really long time and nothing hurted yet. Those shitload of apps that simply does not run on non-stock ROMs are not something I want on my phone anyway.

“what the fuck is a home lab anyway” i ask, surrounded by like 35 cores and 80GB of RAM

The best thing about Corona?

We’re finally finding out which meetings could have been emails instead... 😂

I don't understand. People are actually buying the HNS token? Why hasn't it crashed yet? You can't just create money from thin air and now it's like everybody is getting $1000 but it's not even falling in value?

but of course I'm quite worried my articles may not be any different from all the not-so-helpful "porting guides" out there. What I want to do is not a guide, especially not a guide specific to doing one thing, but something that conveys my experience as an Android custom ROM developer for all these years. More like a description of what we normally do when we talk about "porting".

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.... I think by doing so hopefully more people can have the luxury of not worrying too much about "the official Android skin" when choosing mobile devices, and of course bring more developers into this community. And less people will have to just sit around waiting or even almost begging for some "guru" to port things like LineageOS for them.

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.... However I think I can try to at least explain the general way, e.g. what I would do when I get a new Android phone. Now that we've got things like Project Treble, "the general way" can often actually go quite far before hitting any sort of nontrivial bugs.

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I'm considering starting a blog series on porting FOSS Android forks (like LineageOS) to your mobile phone. I feel that this community is often seen as black magic by both the developers and users, because the process is tedious but hard to explain in simple words. Due to proprietary aspects of Android devices, every phone can be quite different.

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