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Ok it's a terrible idea to play Minecraft with anything other than a normal mouse. My trackball is just not fast enough to react to hostile mobs and I was shot dead by a skeleton twice with FULL IRON ARMOR

Mhm, is there a good way to debug problems with image uploads on Mastodon? It seems like since 3.1.4 my s3 backend reports invalid object names and I'm not sure what Mastodon is doing there. Couldn't really find any errors in the default logs.

Hints are welcome #mastoadmin

I have to admit that my reason for using Rust is simply because other than Rust I can write no other language targeting native code confidently. It looks more sophisticated than JavaScript.

hope my cryptography professor does not know Rust so I can pretend my program is sophisticated

they are not inherently bad; it's other aspects that make them bad.

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it's for one specific use: WSL2. Nobody else is using it. There's zero point putting something that nobody building kernel for themselves would ever enable.

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To be honest I don't see why Linux upstream should maintain the DirectX patch for MS

because that's the only thing I can be even a little bit confident to design and analyze

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so... I am making a stupid TOTP wheel for my cryptography coursework

Guess it's hard to accept my English skill (as a secondary language) is on par with people nearly 10 years younger than me

Is it possible to do a pure "passive" ActivityPub implementation (i.e. does not push update and only waits for fetching outbox)?

I'm planning to implement ActivityPub for my blog (after finishing my damn coursework...)

Next week FediDB will enter public beta.

Can't wait to share the ActivityPub Guide and Developer Tools 😎 #FediDB

I always find it hard to explain to normal people why security through obscurity is not reliable and should not be the only security measure, although this is basically the common sense in modern cryptography

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