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Editing experience with OnlyOffice is miles better than Collabora Online in high-latency conditions. Using Collabora feels worse than RDP-ing into the server.

Guess I'll just write a command-line uploader for Nextcloud that supports chunked uploads

Nextcloud is pretty good in terms of its UI and user experience, but I'd really like it to fix their backend stuff, like handling large files properly with standard WebDAV (without the chunked extension)

I hereby declare that PHP is even worse than JavaScript

what the actual f***... Nextcloud seems to load entire files into memory when uploading

I just cannot bear being even close to people that speak in buzzwords exclusively

Kind reminder that you should mark NSFW pictures as NSFW on Mastodon

Sorry but systemd is just miles better at managing services compared to rc-based stuff

Why do people seem to have so much trouble with Quantum Physics (that includes all of quantum xxxdynamics, QED, QCD, etc.) but they do not seem to be questioning the strangeness of General Relativity in the same way?

So Matrix does need really low latency to the database server, at least for Synapse

Trying to get my Matrix server back to normal. The media store is just such a huge pain.

Every time I try to migrate stuff it always strikes me how much less of a maintenance headache Mastodon is compared to Matrix

上游为爱发电,下游月入五万 —— 观 V2EX 某知名项目有感

Every time I get frustrated with Linux distributions, I install Arch Linux.

Ok so I got a new USB bluetooth dongle for my Raspberry Pi and it turns out to have the same MAC address with another dongle from another company I bought about half a year ago. Please at least randomize your frickin MAC addresses if you do not want to pay for addresses...

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