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Why does it seem that there is no sane generic SSD caching implementation on Windows? Everything available on Windows are brand/platform-specific like Intel's Optane and AMD's StoreMI, and there is not anything that could work across all CPUs, all SSDs and all platforms.

Well I am no longer using a dedigated GPU anyway. AMD Vega 8 is more than enough for Minecraft.

When I heard about the news on Nvidia locking mining on their RTX 3060 cards, I thought it was not that bad of a move until I realized they actually want to sell mining-specific cards instead. Like, they are now putting some of the *already severely limited* sillicon supply to making single-use mining cards that cannot even be re-sold as gaming cards? And they are claiming this as a move to care about gamers and/or the environment? Is this a joke?

Any software lock is despicable. ANY. Even those that claim to "care about you". If they really cared about you, they should not lock anything artificially from a piece of hardware you *own*.

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The entire reason why Nvidia can block crypto mining in the current way is that their drivers are closed source and they can basically add whatever secret sauce they want. Not a good thing.

...but again this may just be outdated information. Some of my performance gains could be purely result of the new persistent L2ARC feature -- before it was added, I guess it could take literally forever for L2ARC to even warm up.

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What I don't understand is why people on r/zfs or pretty much any ZFS-related forums keep advising against using L2ARC saying it would actually hurt performance without massive amounts of ARC. But in my testing it did improve performance significantly even though I have only 10GB allocated for arc_max, and the L2ARC hit rate is quite high

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One benefit of Persistent L2ARC in OpenZFS 2.0 is that ARC warmup is much much faster with spinning disks and the performance hit after a reboot is much much less severe than it used to be.

My L2ARC hit rate is nearly 70% after Persistent L2ARC in OpenZFS 2.0.

Stop saying "RAID is not backup". It is. It's just far from the best backup strategy, but for some types of data even just a simple RAID 1 will be enough.

My APU consumes less than 30 watts of power playing Minecraft at 160 fps @ 2160x1080

One thing I find confusing about perfect pitch is that people with perfect pitch often claim that they can identify the pitch of pretty much every noise made by anything, even those noises that by definition do not have a well-defined pitch, e.g. very short pulses like hitting something (without ringing), or sound that are close to white noise. How do they even identify the pitch of noises like these?

I have almost forgotten what life was like before I had a smart phone

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The realization that every tech thing we take granted for today probably only became popular in the last few years

I have thought about rigging up something that uses neck movement to simulate the soft pedal, but I haven't come up with a sane way to do it (and also making it a "real" pedal, i.e. one that supports different levels of activation, not a binary one).

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