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Returned my Redmi Note 9 4G. This will be the last time I even think about buying a Xiaomi device unless their unlock policy changes in the future.

Pretty sure the guitar is a precussion type of instrument

Okay, the instant unlock capability on my Xiaomi account is now gone. I am returning this Redmi Note 9 4G and I am not going to touch Xiaomi devices ever again.

The GitHub PR model is really atrocious for any project larger than a few people. Even just Gerrit Code Review is infinitely better.

Also I'm debating on whether it's worth it to buy a few more (cheap) Android phones with different configurations to debug the project...

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phhusson (GSI maintainer) and I are working on a new generic multi-boot solution for modern Android devices, called Paralloid. Unlike previous similar projects, our way of implementing it shouldn't require porting to individual devices -- it should theoretically just work™️ on most Android devices released after Android 10. It's currently still a mess, and for now the scope is limited to booting system images that can share the kernel and vendor images, but I have a few vague ideas about how to remove the limitation in the (far) future.

Okay, just wasted several hours debugging my busybox build on Android bionic libc, and it turned out that bionic libc wants either /dev/null or /sys/fs/selinux/null to be always present, otherwise it just segfaults with no error output. Brilliant. Typical Android code.

Listen, YouTube: I do NOT want to see video titles awkwardly translated into my native language

The first four chords in "Cruel Angel Thesis" from EVA are the same as the four chords of "Leck mich im Arsch" (yeah they are trivial chords but when trying to listen to them without the melody I can't stop thinking about Leck mich im Arsch)

Every time I delete a Scaleway instance I forget that the IP address is not deleted at the same time by default. Every time I end up with pointless charges months after I have deleted the damn instance. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Infinity or Mending on a Minecraft Bow

I'll just point out where most of funds of /e/ has gone to -- developing their horrific launcher.

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All the support /e/ received could have gone to LineageOS and be invested in its development team and device ports. It is not cool to piggyback on others' work without mentioning in an obvious way, and profit from features that already exist upstream instead of really investing in developing what you promised. Even their wiki is more or less a copy of what LineageOS has.

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/e/ looks like nothing more than a fork of LineageOS with few changes in terms of privacy and security but with a huge marketing campaign. LineageOS is already Google-free. Use and support LineageOS instead of whatever /e/ is. Or if you want microG support, use CalyxOS or GrapheneOS or whatever -- they are way more honest than /e/.

Uh how do I stop all these spam emails from

ffs why is MTK still using fbdev instead of DRM in 2021. QCOM has moved to DRM since forever ago.

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