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Got absolutely no time for my projects due to this stupid cryptography course

Taco Bell's Fire sauce is also not nearly spicy enough

Having read through the textbook (introduction to modern cryptography) a few times before I never expected the course to involve such weird proofs that I just have no idea how I am supposed to do it

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I enrolled in two courses for this term, one Cryptography and one about numerical methods to solve differential equations. I thought I might have to drop the second one because I'm bad at maths, but apparently it turned out that I might need to drop the first one instead because I have no idea what the assignment is talking about (though I'm pretty sure I understand everything that's taught in class)

Ordered a Ulefone Power Armor 13. Hopefully the kernel source code released under pressure from Naomi Wu actually works.

I'm energy efficient. I usually only eat half of what most restaurants serve for one person (at least in Canada).

I don't want to be marking introductory CS courses... Such a pain

Still can't recognize a Canadian coin without thinking hard about it

I can play guitar and piano-like instruments, and I am looking into those acoustic-electric guitars, but I believe those still make a very audible noise don't they?

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I can hear my roommates shouting with teammates while gaming, so... um... yeah

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So what instrument should I get given that I'm living in a shared dormitory-style suite

Yeah so I never knew I am so lactose intolerant before I came to Canada

Enrolled in an Applied Mathematics course for numerical computing. The instructor said if anyone has trouble with programming he could provide some extra help -- but I don't have trouble with programming as an CS student. I have trouble with the maths.

This seemed like magic to me until I realized that it's basically digitized cheque.

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