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Like literally I just spent 30 minutes on a question only to realize that I understood the slashes incorrectly.

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Stop using slashes instead of fractions in your mathematical expressions. It's so frickin' confusing.

I don't know what people need those 10+ GB per month data plans for

My Sway setup with the Nord color scheme (also I'm using Sway with the Xwayland HiDPI patch)

I have to say, Sway looks way less buggy than most other Wayland compositors :D

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Want to try out a tiling window manager like Sway but getting scared by the myriad of different options and addons

Theoretical cryptography is really more like intelligence test than anything else... If you can't come up with a good construction, you can't prove anything. How do you come up with a good construction? Well, god knows.

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