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Ok our matrix server is like completely stuck after 2 hours of down time

Don't give your logging library the capability to load executable code

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...not to mention that they do not support any standard protocol for email client usage, and make no effort in standardizing anything they are trying to do, resulting in a complete walled garden that will only ever be truly useful if everybody were using their exact service.

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The main reason why I do not use ProtonMail is that although they claim to support encryption, it only ever truly works between two ProtonMail accounts, and sending encrypted mail outside would result in an annoying link that the recipient must click on to access the message. Using a standard solution like PGP is way better than dealing with this.

Next step is to set up clustering for my ejabberd server after my black friday VPSes are delivered.

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It's possible to play any integer frequency on a MIDI synthesizer, you just need to do a bunch of unnecessary calculations for the "pitch" and "bend"

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I don't understand why in the MIDI protocol you define the notes in the 12 equal temperament system and then use bends for intervals less than half steps. Like what's the point? Can't we just use one single 16-bit integer to set the frequency to be played?

Who the heck uses Debian or RHEL-based stuff for desktop

Why did I take the Cryptography course. Why did I do this to myself.

Need to redesign my Minecraft skin based on Kōgen no Majo

Are eggs in Canada safe to eat raw? I really want to make some 卵かけご飯

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