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I could not understand how I could sleep 4 hours every night just to work on my stupid Android app project in addition to my assignments. If I were to sleep 4 hours a night now, I would die.

To be fair though, I think blockchain and cryptocurrency have a lot of potential to be actually useful. Slight issue is that the ways in which they are actually useful are millions of times less lucrative than using them for literal scam.

Haven't played guitar since I moved to Canada a few months ago and now my fingers hurt even on nylon strings.

Why the heck does Mastodon's service worker unconditionally cache the static html for all pages? I misconfigured my Nginx for one second and now browsers keep showing the default page unless I clear cache.

I'm so tired of all of this metaverse bullshit can you just stop

I'm not sure if I like it or not. On one hand, it's definitely unconventional in terms of the flow of the melody, but on the other hand it sounds very... otherworldly (but to be fair this is probably the whole point because the story is like a fairy tale)

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My Minecraft play style: get max gear before even daring to go caving

Web 3.0 has been here since forever. Problem is you might go to jail for using said "Web 3.0".

Switched both my ZFS compression and ZRAM compression algorithm to ZSTD. Now seeing 3x compression on my database and 5x compression for ZRAM. Kind of crazy.

I'm an absolute idiot. I forgot to run ANALYZE after upgrading PostgreSQL. No wonder it is doing sequential scans all the time and broke my Matrix server completely.

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