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I'm probably not going to be able to write every day like the 100 days challenge, but I'll still try to write something on my blog more often than before, I guess.

Mixing up privacy and security without talking about the threat model is simply dishonest.

I've just set up a replicated XMPP server on with ejabberd multi-node operation mode. Will be testing it for a while before considering accepting registration.

In addition, I will look into if there is a way to sanely and securely do secret sharing to reduce our "bus factor", as now contains a way larger suite of services than originally planned.

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I'm planning on re-opening registration on SN.Angry.Im with manual approval soon.

My main blog is now up again. I will shortly begin migrating some of my posts from en. and from before I destroyed my blog

VoLTE is such a disaster, both technically and bureaucratically

If you've got a chip with like 32MB flash on it and you must run Linux, then sure, use musl however you like. But it's not like it's of any use on a server that runs a million containers anyway.

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Unnecessary use of musl libc is the most annoying thing ever. Yes, it is more "lightweight", but only in size. It does not have the most optimized implementation of everything. It is missing a lot of features found in glibc that could be very useful in certain cases, for example, the ability to customize the behavior of getaddrinfo().

Is there any good open-source pgp + fido smart card available now

The scariest thing about imposter syndrome is that you never know whether you are having imposter syndrome or you are the imposter.


Hetzner is literally the best budget server provider. You just can't beat their support.

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