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This needs to be embedded into /system/priv-app, and it theoretically supports all eUICC chips conforming to the GSMA SGP.22 standard, including embedded ones shipped in modern phones (tested on Pixel 4a), and standalone ones that can be removed.

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My open-source eSIM profile manager for Android is now feature-complete (at least in terms to eSIM management itself)

Working on an open-source implementation of eSIM profile manager on Android, which supports both embedded eSIMs and removable ones.

By the way I opened a new blog just for articles that don't fit into a social media post but too short for a blog post

Kotlin: choose your adventure: writing the same thing in 1,000,000 different ways

People talking about Elon buying Twitter like it wasn't a bunch of extremely wealthy millionaires who don't care about you in charge of it before

I used to manually remove the sign-in verification code at each update just so that it doesn't keep asking me to verify my frickin' account

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Mastodon finally removed the annoying "suspicious sign-in" verification stuff...

Had the most sacrilegious and horrible bowl of ramen for lunch today. Still feeling sick.

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